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Sist followup

Hi all as titled I have had my followup on my large sist, they are waiting untill the scar and surrounding area has completely healed and settled down, then they are going to cut me open again, this time its to remove what they refer to as the pea it's the shell of the sist if left it could fill up again and I could quite happily do without that.

As for my other sist I have to have a scan to find out if its just a sist or an absses or if something else is going on with it being on my breast.

The consultation was going fine till I had an attack of the dreaded fibro fog the Doc asked me to lay down on the couch thing and then it hit I couldn't remember how to get up from a chair let alone walk less than 2 feet to the couch so my hubby had to lend a hand we got there in the end I was duely examined and she asked me my age I said I will be 34 next week I goofed my hubby pipes up no your 43 next week we all had a laugh at that and I piped up fibro fog will get you every time.

Ah well life goes on, now I have to wait for the scan appointment to come through, sorry I didn't let. You know sooner but my right elbow and shoulder have been seezed must have agrivated them when I fell on Monday, anyhoo I'll say ttfn for now. Sithy

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Hope it all goes well for you. Sounds like you have been having quite a traumatic time lately. Glad your hubby is there to support you (i used to deliberately chance 43 to 34 shh!) now I'm 45 so that doesn't work anymore or I'd make myself 54!



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