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Palpitations and fast pulse

I have been experiencing this for a few months now on and off and often feel very hot (big red face). I take 60mgs of Arcoxia each day prescribed by the rheumy along with 20 mgs of Amytriptyline so not a huge amount of either. Could there be a connection with the fast pusle etc? I am planning to see GP anyway as I dont feel Arcoxia is doing much to help anyway.

Thanks for any info you can pass on and have a good evening all :) Hugs x

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Hi Marzy

Have you checked out the contraindications on the information leaflet about the meds you are taking? That may give you an idea if it is the meds or not.

Also I don't want to sound rude but are you menopausal? That can cause palpitations and hot flushes. It could even be connected with something you have eaten.

Good luck at the docs.

Piggie Hugs xxxxxxxx


Hi PinkPig. Yes it is a possible contraindication (but usually in higher doses). As for menopausal symptoms ......who wants to admit to the possibility they are getting older and that could be the cause lol :) Yes, at 48 it is certainly a possibility.

Thank you very much for your reply

:) X


Hi Marzy

It may be your meds, it may the menopause, but it also may be something else. You don't say how long it lasts for, or how frequently you get it. If it is a few minutes and then passes on it's own, then you still need to get it checked, but it's probably one or both of the above. However, some years ago I started getting extremely high heart rate, often while I slept - I would wake up with it at 200bpm! Turned out I had some faulty 'wiring' in my heart. The only way I could stop it was a trip to A & E for a rather nasty jab that stopped my heart completely for an extremely short time, and I got to know my local ambulance crews on a first name basis! Eventually a 'non-surgical procedure' under local anaesthetic solved the problem - but it got quite hairy at times before that happened.

I do hope yours turns out to be nothing like that, and you get it sorted out soon.




I had a bout of palpitation about two years ago that just would'nt go away and I ended up in A&E as they could'nt get it down, had lots of ECGS, chest x ray heart scan and was put on a 24 hour tape but they could'n find anything, i'm on a very low dose of beta blockers, when I went into hospital I was on Amytripyline and they took them off me as you should'nt take them if you have palpitations.


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