Burning calves feel like I need to run or jump in ice bucket

This is such a weird feeling the back of my calves feel like they are burning and twitching and itching deep inside... I feel if I could just run (haha) or cool them it might help. As I have said before my fibro is mainly in my upper body and hands along with the total fatigue and brain fog..Is this a fibro thing? Is it restless legs I certainly don't know what to do with them. Anyone want them will swap for pair of long shapely ones without arthritis


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  • i get that constantly. it feels as if i have run a marathon, it's there when i wake up and still there when i go to bed. it was one of my first symptoms of fybro. along with all the other stuff

  • I get that all the time and I find it so frustrating. My whole body is suffering because of the FM. I have never found much that eases this in the legs. But I do hope you find something soon.

  • I too get this all the time... its so horrid... in fact today has been one of the worst for me this past week.. im totally in pain and zapped... the burning wont let up... and unfortunately yes it is connected to fibro... I also have CRPS/RSD and this does this also.. its a neuro connective thing.. to do with the microchronidal cells... cant explain at the moment as am under the cloud of grey fog... But if you can have a soak in a hot bath.. run the taps.. from hot to cold and or use hot and cold compresses... another is to try and massage them if you can take the touch... I wish you a better tomorrow... hugs :-) x

  • I am afraid I too have this problem all of the time. Calves feel tort and hot too touch and left is swollen. Try and massage them and sit with legs elevated. Hope it is eases off to night gentle hugs x gins

  • this is common with fibro I have found. I soak my feet in cold water which seems to ease it (never totally gone) I also sleep with my feet out of the duvet which makes it a bit cooler.

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