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im new to this

im new to this not the pain 25 years plus trying to suz this out ,does antidepressents [sorry spelling ]help with this im on low doze ,dr told me to change back to fluxetine high doze im worried that fog will make me lose control of my life [sorry cant explain what i mean ]i feel like dr dont believe me when i tell them how much pain i get, wish pain would be seen

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Hmm seems my answer has vanished I,ll try again.... Hi... I am on dosulepin 75 mg anti depressant plus 0.5mg clonezapam nightly .. Not for depression but to scramble the pain signals in the brain... I tried to make them understand fibro fog had eaten my brain ... But was ignored ... Usual for fibro patients... But joking aside they do actually help... If you are unsure about your dose or the type of antidepressant. Please go back to you dr .. Dosulepin was the only one of 3 I tried that didn't make me worse.. Fluoxetine gave me some very weird side effects. But we are all different... And yes I wish people would realise our pain... I answered the poll about fibro bracelets I said I would like one with a button that shouts I have fibro and in pain

Gentle hugs VG x


thankyou verygrumpy will try the new doze ,havent seen anything yet about braclets yes one will a shout button and warning light would be good gentle hug moaningmini x


hi i no what you meen abaut the fog it alful.i take 50mg of amitriptyline which is not for the depression it helps at night.i also find instead of geting out of bed when wake up do streching frist


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