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I worry so much that my daughter will inherit this,, mmm how can i put it,,,,this amazingly wonderfully and constantly changing >>>>>> illness. It will break my heart she is already so much like me, she is Hype-rmobile but thankfully not as far as the syndrome. She gave us a hell of a scare nearly 3 years ago now when they found a tumour on her liver, now we live in pembrokeshire and we were in and out at pediatrics for a week but when even Cardiff could not disern what it was we were sent up to Birmingham's Children's Hospital to Oncology well we were so scared. for 3 weeks we were back and for for her to finally have a biopsy taken and to our massive relief were told it was a benign tumour but was rare at her age ( 7). We still have the odd check up. Now i suffered from polycystic ovaries and often grew dermoid cysts on them ( 2 laparotemys and an eventual full hysterectomy at 29). I know what will be will be but i do worry. I am so pleased that she is now doing Swimming Squad as i hope if she builds strength through out her body then hopefully she will be less likely to suffer my weaknesses. My mum hurt her back at 15 and i at 16 and both of us suffer terribly from it now, i have had a discectomy and now awaiting another MRI in 4 weeks, so you can understand my angst. Question is can i change her very possible path or do i prepare her gently for the possibility of it, She has already asked if she too will have my problems and it broke my heart when i said she may but hopefully not but i feel i can't sugar coat it, what i do do is try my best to just carry on as positivly as i can to let her no that which ever hand we are given then we are deemed strong enough to deal with it - words i find stick in my throat as i do sometimes feel burdened and cursed but to her i am strong and will not be beat not any more.

I am not religous but i do have a faith that things happen for a reason even if we do not know why.

Please do not let my daughter suffer as i have she is such an innocent young girl ....

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On a positive note I am the only person in my family stretching back 4 generations to have fibro ibs and chosochondritis . I have inherited the family arthritis but fibro and the rest sprang up out of nowhere 20 odd years ago .. Had a total hysterectomy at 35 due to endometriosis ... Again the only one in my family... I have a son and i know men are less likely to develop fibro than women but he's really healthy just autistic.... So there is a good chance your daughter will be fine.

I know it's worrying though

Hugs VG xx


Thanks honey, unfortunatly their is arthritis , breast cancer, palandromic arthritis. autism spectrum and underactive thyroid problems aswell as a few others none on my mums side are healthy as for my fathers only just finding out other than the alcoholism .

I'm from dead healthy stock is i lol may i ask which HRT you are on and what is chosochondritis???


Hi chostocondritis is a wonderfully important sounding name for the pain in your ribcage where the ribs join the breast bone ( front) and sternum (back) the little ligaments that hold your ribs to those places swell and become very sore ... Another blooming fibro symptom..A bad flare up hurts to breathe deeply and wearing a bra is not an option on those days . And my HRT I take Premarin 0.625 mg the lowest dose and it suits me fine ... Keeps the hot flushes etc right away. I feel great without the inconvenience of periods.

Nice to meet you

Hugs VGxx


Nice to meet you too and thank you for answering my Questions. I too am on Premarin but at 1.25mg don't know if it's my age or what but did try a patch first but found it no good started getting milk Imagine my shock lol. Your chostocondritis sounds awful and forgive me for saying so but i hope to hell i don't get that. i'm already knocking at the knackers yard hehe

Rachie xx


hi rachie,

I have several conditions and thank God no-one else in my family has. I in turn have none of theirs.

I have a form of vasculitis and on a previous site we had identical twins where one had it and the other was healthy - so as identical genes can differ [even with the same upbringing and jobs] there is nothing to suggest it's hereditary. I hope this might help ease your mind. New treatments are regularly been offered and it may be that in a few years we may all be sorted - look at insulin or penicillin! try and stay positive. and say yeh! to the little swimmer, I'm jealous! my arms were never strong enough and most of family naturally sink - we can kneel on the bottom of the pool!




Thank you honeys for that and i will get over my worry always do, but sometimes unloading is all we can do. xxx rachie


It's good to voice your fears. Gets them out in the open, you get reassurance and your fears dwindle!


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