Bit of good news!!

Morning fibro-friends!! Just had news that "Grandson number 3" is on his way!!! (I have 3 granddaughters and 2 grandsons already!!) Should I feel old at 49 having this many grandchildren? Hell no!!!! I feel blessed that I will have years and years of fun with them all!.. I hope you are all feeling at your best today!! I'm pretty excited.... Much love to one and all!!

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  • Yay! :) xxx

  • Wonderful when is he due?


  • @gin!! Any minute now!!!...xx

  • Should I get the virtual champers ready?

  • @zeb73....Ooohh yes please!! Bit early, but what the heck!!!!Hahahaha.. X

  • Here you are?

    Lovely and chilled with a strawberry in the bottom too :)

    Anyone else??

  • Wow I am jumping up and down with excitement :D : :D xgins

  • Virtual jumping I hope!!! Don't want baby leaving hospital at the same time you are taken in for breaking something!!.. X. =-O

  • Careful gins don't want to spill the champers or you may bounce and slip................

    ........................ she says whilst boing boing boinging with glass in hand :D

  • Fantastic, so happy for you xx

  • hiya ninjananna, congratulations! no you're not old at all im 53 & grandchild 8 was born last wk my eldest is 13,i also have a step grandson & i know there will be a few more along the way as i have 5 kids, so yes you are very much blessed,at least you get to grow up with them & understand most of their teenage strops! yes a couple of mine have been at that stage for a while now lol. its nice tho that they feel they can talk to you about problems etc. i really do feel pleased for you, when's the baby due? :) xxxx

  • hi again,sorry just seen yr other replies! hope it all goes smoothly, can i have a glass of your champers please? come to think of it we may as well all have a great big party! :) xx

  • As we say in the black country. Thas bostin keeping a lookout for when hes here hugs sue

  • Congratulations. You can never have too many grandchildren. :-)



  • Hi ninja that's fantastic news, keep us ll in touch as to how things are going, gentle hugs and a handful of sunshine moving your way...Dee xx

  • Oh I'm so pleased for you, my sister in law has become a grandmother for the fourth time recently and it's brought her so much pleasure, which she has very kindly shared with me, like you she's not "old" and enjoys all the time she spends with her grandchildren. However, my idiot brother who was her second hubby (they've separated now - he's a nightmare ) never wanted to be involved in any way, except he found out that I had seen pictures of the new baby and he threw a wobbly......

    Lalalalala :D :D

    I hope you have as much joy with your grandchildren as possible :-)

    Foggy x

  • I am pushing 62 and no grandchildren although one son will be getting married later this year so there is hope! My friend's first arrived last year and she is pushing 70 so you are a lucky young grandma. How wonderful to have a new baby in the family. Congratulations

  • Congratulations ! :D

  • Oh how exciting!! hope all goes well, my daughter is only 16, so have quite a while to wait before I become a grandma, she has said she don't want children, I said but you must have at least one!! so I can spoil him/her

  • Hmmm. 57 (oh what a giveaway) and only one so far. No prospect of more.

    Why we congratulate grandparents anyway? we done nowt. Someone else did all the hard work :P :P

    Oh, yes, excuse for champers :P Well done ninjananna

  • Hi ninjananna

    That is absolutely fantastic news, congratulations to all of you!

    Ken x

  • Much congrats to you!! I have 6 grand daughters and 1 grandson. I am 54 and my oldest grand child is 14! I totally feel the same as you and I love every second of them! Ok, I can't run about and kick a ball, but I have another weapon - my hair! It's waist length and I will come away with different hairstyles after each visit. Many, many happy years with you grand children and gentle hugs to you! Freya xx

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