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Funny how life changes... in an instance

If only I'd stayed in bed on Saturday because I was feeling so relaxed and content if only I

Had Stayed on the lane instead of going into the old caravan park if only I had made Jerry walk back to the lane instead of going for a canter. If only I'd been able to find his ''breaks' before we hit the trees. I know can't turn the clock back but feel so frustrated cos now I have a bit of me in the wrong place :(

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Oh dear Stormy, not sure what has happened here but it sounds bad :( Hope life treats you more kindly in the near future. Take care. Jane x


i symapthise with you has me and my family were in a serious 5 car pile up on m6 3 years ago and for ages i thought exactly like you.these things happen even if we dont want them too.

i saw carnage after it had happened all becoz we were set up for having a fancy car we were followed by people who had no insurance,tax,m.o.t,and they didnt hardly speak english.#

it was mayhem and its taken it toll on me now in cars.

so i no how your feeling and it will get better i promise/.mine was a car yours was a horse but i do get what you mean.

i was in terrible pain and broke all my ribs,had whiplash,bruising etc,and thats not on top of mentally what it did to me..

i hope you soon feel better about things soon and you manage to not blame yourself ..and concentrate on getting yourself better and pain free.

gentle hugs yre way..and hope the horse is okay too.x


Sammy I guess what you went through was far worse than me and I hope you have recovered from your injuries now. Jerry was fine, he stayed by my side then tried to follow the ambulance! The ride was bumpy but they gave me has and air so wasn't too bad. I just had to write down all the 'what ifs' to get it out of my head if that makes any sense!


Sounds like a really nasty fall! Bad luck but at least you and your beloved horse are okay that is how my Mum always looked at my falls and my car crashes. You will live to fight another day so not to many what ifs they do not help - always used to make me cry!

Hope you feel more yourself today xgins


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