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Update on DLA medical

Just giving an update to my question last week in regards to my DLA claim - Dr telephoned me on Sunday at 7.15pm and wanted appt for the next day however I made it for yesterday so that my husband could be there. The dr was over an hour late and then rush through the paper work took telephone calls whilst carrying out medical not really interested. Ask him the outcome but was told that I will hear within 6 weeks. Fingers crossed xxx

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We will keep our fingers crossed for you too! Jane x


hope you get good news but I would make a complaint, it's very unprofessional to take phone calls whilst he he dealing with your claim. he should have put he phone on call divert to his voicemail. I think that's really rude. maybe I'm just old fashioned.

he wouldnt have got away with that here as can't get most mobile signals here!!

wishing you luck though xxx


just also wanted to add,if they refuse you especially if they never took all what you told them into account. my guess if he was rushing he wasn't listening, then you should DEMAND (sorry for shouting) that you are reassessed by a more professional doctor. you should be able to expect the same courtesy they expect you to show them xxx


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