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Up since 5am wow it was dark - now the sunshines but it is chilly having trouble with my right arm today

I have pins and needles radiating from my wrist to my finger tips. Some days it doesn't do it but others (like today) it is fierce. I have wrist splints but I admit I do not always wear them - silly me.

Fibro is so tedious I went around my daughter in laws yesterday and her Mum and sister were there playing with Grandaughter they were chasing her around on the floor okay I admitt I came away feeling sorry for myself I cannot play on the floor and to cap it all when I tried to leave I could not stand up off the low sofar it took about five atempts how mortifying is that! So I am the Granny who sits to play . I felt very pathetic actually and embarassed yes that is not like Moi but there you go they were so fit and able. Cr...p how anoying now I need to get these thoughts behind me...................

Right today I am off out to a new Hobby craft that has just opened near here that will be fun! If only OH wasnt coming too he is a very GRUMPY old man and rather rude with it I hate that .

Crumpets yum onwards and upwards xgins

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Oh how did I manage to delete my post... Said it was early still not found my glasses and I have two pairs .. Anyway as I was saying .... Ermmm oh yeah determined to get to local auction today using my new disabled bus pass and register with new gp... After reading all your comments on here about my gp that reduced me to tears I decided to be dignified and not publicaly criticise him by going through the surgery complaints I have written a letter to him explaining everything and my OH is handing it to him today as he has an appt with him...pre booked and he needs to keep it.

Have fun gins ... I am looking forward to the auction... Or the tat room as my OH calls it... He doesn't appreciate art deco at all



Kids don't always want too run around Gins, you can do a lot from the sofa you remember that, when there tired from all that running there want cuddled with you:-) hope you enjoy you craft fair, I'm looking for something new to do to get me off my sofa!!!

Take care

Nicki xxxx


Hobbycraft are doing 10% off for students this evening but I'm going to have to miss it :( firstly I don't have any spare money and secondly one of my fibro friends is coming over tomorrow, we're going to have a Christmas card making session so I need to save my energy for that.

Its really hard with small children isn't it? I'm so glad my fibro wasn't so bad when my son was a baby, I was heartbroken when I discovered I couldn't hold my now 6 year old niece when she was a baby. Thankfully now she's a bit older she loves me reading her stories and getting me to draw pictures she can colour in and is thankfully not too critical about my drawing skills :)


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