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Info I need to gather for a tribunal

I'm going to write to DLA who has turned me down for mobility after I have just had it for 3 years and now saying I'm not entitled to it, when nothing has changed in fact I feel have got worse regarding my mobility, and tell them I want to take the matter further probally a tribunal.

What I want to know is what info can I take with me, and am I best going to CAB and asking for a representive to come with me, ad info I can download and print off to take with me etc, Its just not fair

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if you have another doctor to confirm your problems it can help! i too, was told that i was better??without any proof and i was lucky that i knew someone else to back up my claim for help with getting around good luck to you and fingers crossed xxx


contact admin for the benefit and works info. the admin can provide it now for free as they are members.

go thru the report and refute each incorrect point- the b&w booklet helps.

did your gp and consultant[s] write letters for you? or will they? ask them to send them direct to you so you can put it all in an appeal pack [copy them 1st] there is a form near the back that you fill in relevant points that they can use in these letters.

wishing you luck, sandra.


Good advice I can see so far. I would get hold of copies of any medical info you can. I think some GPs may ask a small fee but it is worth it. I wish you luck with your forthcoming appeal x


Thank you everyone, I have just e mailed admin for advice and info. Will keep you all posted, its about time we were acknowledged, and not something on the bottom of their shoes that they have just trodden in, and we are made out to be spongers, good for nothing money grabbing fraudsters. I just get so angry and frustrated its just not fair.


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