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Hi All!

Has anyone seen any medical articles on Fibromyalgia Fatigue that are worth reading? I am trying to find some information on how and why it comes. Is it physical, mental or both. I have read that no one seems to know exactly what Fibromyalgia is. i.e. A physical/metal complaint. Why it comes. I am one of those people who want to know why and how I got this complaint. Must be a reason and there must be an answer to it.

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I have to go out, but will see what i can come up with later. if no one else has. :)

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The only one I found worth reading.


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Hi it is a complex subject.

I have found that webmd.com give a really good insight into the fatigue part of it what causes different kinds. It is an American site so there are a few different terms but I always find that they speak common sense as they have a section called Fibromyalgia Section. Hope it helps.


Hi Thank you so much for replying. I have printed the articles off from all of you that replied to me and am going to study them and see if there are any answers for me. We are all different and cope in different ways. I respect you all because only you know how you feel and it is not how I or someone else feels. There is always something to glean from these articles. Look after yourself and God Bless you!


This is long winded and i will admit that i havnt read it all, Pain from two tooth extractions is making concentration hard.

I cant vouch for it but you may find it interesting.




Hi! thank you for this article. I am going to sit down later and try to assimilate it. Trying to retain information is a nightmare now. There must be an answer to this awful tiredness and the feelings that come with it. I am having other treatments but this last do has gone on and off for 2 months and I have had enough of it so want answers. You are a gem giving me something that looks reasonable to read.

Best wishes and God Bless you. Thankful!


Any thing like this i skim through and then give it a rest. i find that by assimlating it bit at a time it sticks longer.

But not forever, but the gist of it will stick.

If you find the answer let me know. :P


I've read this Mayrose, and it seems to answer many, many questions about how and why I feel so tired. It's excellent and I will be presenting this to my GP - (whether he reads it is another question!)


I have come across this link from the US National Library of Medicine that you may find useful.


All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you! There must be an answer to this. Probably something very simple for the scientific boffins to understand. Hopefully someone will find an answer soon. The pain is under control for my by acupuncture in TCM weekly. It's the fatigue that rears its head now and again that takes your life. I have had 2 months of fatigue accompanied by 1stly an ear infection that lasted 3 weeks. Then 2 days free and back came the fatigue with a dreadful rash on my upper arm that the GP who is a trained dermatologist couldn't recognise. That has almost cleared. If I go to the Dr or to a shop I am wiped out for a few days with a feeling of nausea and the tiredness. I sleep on and off all day and through the night. Determined not to secombe to this thing. Thanks for all you do for everyone. I realise how fortunate I am when I read the state some folks are in. The drugs cause more problems that they solve I think. Best Wishes and God Bless you and your work. Fran

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Thinking back yes i have read it and managed to retain some of it.

Miracles happen. :P


Have they planned any further studies or trials? We need to find out what kicks what off in the blood to supply more oxygen. Having got so much under control to have this happening every so often is annoying. Will have to talk with the Medics about it. Keep well. I do like your pic of the dog.


Studies and trials are on going and to me fatigue is more than annoying it is my biggest symptom and means that i have to use a wheelchair. :)

It could be worse, a lot with chronic fatigue syndrome are unable to even turn over in bed. So i too am thankful. :P

The dog is my beloved Megan or mega mutt or nutmeg, she will answer to anything, including stupid, my sons name for her.

I hope you find some answers, I found that fibromyalgia is a fascinating study.

Hugs sue. x


someone told me it could be as a result of physical or mental trauma I had a bowel cancer op in December then scepses? and in June was diagnosed with polymalgia did you have a traumic experience? either way it hurts so much!!


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