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Interesting reading

Hi all, a while since I actually posted, I read something interesting today and thought some of you folks may find it interesting reading, I am english so not endorsing anything!

If you type in your search engine usa today fibromyalgia then click on the top item for reading , then obviously read!

I know it will take the u.k centuries to catch up with usa research so now and again I look at articles from the USA or other countries to see what is going on with research, this particular article seems interesting, so thought I would share

I probably find it interesting because I have always believed it is neuropathic , anyway see what you think!

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Very interesting, I have always thought it is neurological. I wonder how long it will take Britain to catch up?


Have I got the article from December 2013 news

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That is the same one that i got. Ian.


Me too


Thank you so much for the link. It did not come up when I used google here in California. VERY interesting article and may comne as no surprise to many fibromites!


Hi electricjaws

Thank you so much for this, I had previously read this but it is very interesting.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I am going to print this out and take it to my GP. He really doesn't get it at all. Maybe he too thinks it's imaginery. I sure don't know what the hell is going through his mind. He dc'd my hydrochodone,saying he will prescribe it for those who won't ever get over their pain, like I am going to do. BS is what I wanted to say. At the end of December, he prescribed me only 15 and said that would be the last time he would give me any. I am on 300 of pregablin and it helps some but doesn't touch the most of my pain.

He rather snidely told me maybe he would refer me to yet another pain specialist and that one could give me some. Or maybe my psychiatrist would. That isn't going to happen with her. They are so ridiculoulsy and wrongfully afraid of giving out "opiates" that he veers off the path of good healing practice!

I told him I never abuse it. When he would give me 30 per month, I didn't use all of them, even when my pain was approaching severe as he had prescribed them. When he only gave me 15, I suffered through the pain, thinkling I could handle using them only when I was in excruciating pain. I ended up getting drocodon (Norco) from a friend to help me through and will probably need to do so routinely if I don't get the help. I just hope I don';t have to go to the streets to buy it!

I am sorry I have turned your post towards my needs, but I thik it illustrates the ignorance so many doctors operating under their "delusions!" I mean, do they really think fibromyalgia is going to go away or get better even though we are doing all the things we can try to help out? He said I should take aquatic therapy. I know that helps many, but I absoutely hate Water unless it is soaking in a hot springs or my hot tub, for which I am grateful. Well, as is usual for me, I could ramble on, but I think I have rambled enough.

Again, thanks for sharing this article. Maybe some long time medicals will eventually find out that this is a serious, lifelong, illness.


Excellent article, thanks for bringing it to our attention.


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