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I am due for an incapacity assessment ~ I have fibromyalgia, calcific tendonitus, psoriatic arthritus and depression ~ extremely worried!

I am extremely worried what will happen to my incapacity benefit in regards to the new ESA? I have two little girls and im single I struggle with every day life.. I try to be independant (I have to be) ~ I dont think I will be able to cope with work and bringing up my children. I am exhausted and in constant pain from the minute I wake up. Will I be forced back to work??

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ask someone on admin for the benefits and work info.

is it the form or medical?

answer each question as on your worst day

if they ask you to do something that hurts say so and say no.

It's anyone's guess how they decide, but you can appeal.

get your gp and other health professionals involved in your care to write something for you. ask them to send it to you to put in a support pack - copy them 1st!

try not to fret.




Thank you Sandra ~ Ive already filled in the form and in most cases answered 'it varies' which Im already regretting as on a worst day it would be impossible to achieve some of the questions they asked ~ hence it varies! Im due to go for the face to face appt wednesday. Will i get the opportunity to put across that my 'it varies' answer is due to it sometimes being impossible?


I have been through all the assesments i have fibromyalgia osteo arthrits carpol tunnel in both hands and i had to finnish work through my condition and yet the person doing the assesment still said i was fit for work you can request all your medical records under the rights to medical recrds 1994 i think check the date out write a letter to your practice manager requesting you medical records from what ever date also you can request copies of all your records from the Department of works and pensions relating to your claim for inccapacity benefit and doctors assesments you need to gather all this information now becuse belive me they dont care who they fail they are a private company working for the the goverment and have guide lines to meet being on your own you need to go to the citzens advise beuro to see what help you can get if you need to appeal


I myself have Fibro, Emphysema, osteoarthritis, chronic bronchitis to name but a few of my illnesses. I am currently under the care of a neuro as my condition has worsened over the last two years and some of the bizarre symptoms I have do not fit in with current health problems. I went for an ATOS medical in October 2011, and after 42 minutes I had a miraculous recovery and was deemed fit to be back in work within three months. Maybe these ATOS doctors have healing hands, maybe they are the worlds saviour, but more likely the governments puppets to do their bidding. Like MrPastry the Fibro saw me leaving a very good job, with brilliant prospects of getting into entertainemnt management. I appealed the decision, and the Decision Maker chose to believe the ATOS guy and you guessed it 'computer says nooooooooooo'. It has now gone to tribunal and I go Wednesay. So wish me luck. You have had some great advice so all I can say is do not do what I did and let it eat away at you, it will make your health feel much worse. You have your hands full with two little ones. And if ever faced with another form, treat the 'it varies' as if it is not there, that is part of the reason they got me.


good luck tomorrow hun, i also have my tribunal tomorrow. am bricking it but hopefully the judge and dr will see past the atos assumptions/lies and we will both be successful!!! fingers crossed xxxxxx


Well let us both hope we are lucky. Today I am a nervous wreck which is making thing ten times worse xxxxx(will be back here tomorrow to let everyone know how I got on) I think what triggers the nerves is the thought of not being believed.


i'm exactly the same i feel sick at the thought of it all, my heart feels like its jumping out of my chest everytime i think about it!!! i'll let you all know how i get on xx


Thankyou for taking your time to reply.. I feel for you I really do :-( good luck for wednesday.. please let me know how you get on.. x x


Hiya Chrissie, Mrpastry is correct in saying that they dont care who they fail, even the dwp lady who i spoke to when she rang to say i'd failed said everyone was being failed and only those who could be bothered to appeal and provided all medical evidence are being taken seriously. Atos will not take your condition as truth unless they see medical letters etc and even then they are seriously failing the genuinely ill of us, my medical fitness test was like he was writing about a completely different person!!! My GP gave me copies of all my letters (for a small fee) wrote a letter but this was 'apparently lost in transit' even though every letter i sent has been signed as delivered to them. I have my tribunal tomorrow so fingers crossed I'll be successful.

Ps try taking someone with you and also writing everything down as to what is a typical day for you at your worse

fingers crossed for you and hugs xxx


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