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Life before and after fibro

Before fibro I had a full time job working in a school in a speech and language unit I went out many nights a week.. I ran, drove and cycled ......nights out till the early hours weren't a problem... Elderly people were swiftly overtaken as I marched here there and everywhere. My life was planned with military precision

With fibro, I have had to give up work, driving and cycling as meds make me so dopey... Ok more dopey than I was before.. Running ... Haha the only runs i have are due to ibs.... Elderly people overtake me in their cars on bikes or simply walking their dogs I never know what's happening from one day to the next and have lists all over the house to remind me of appts etc... My low rate. Dla goes on a cleaner due to my arthritis I can't clean very well cant use vacuum at all...... BUT I get to spend more time with my family... Life is slower and less exciting but it's still fun and on a good day I can be spontaneous and just do something with no planning... It's a total life change and it's painful but I have had lovely times with my family I would have missed had I been well and able to work.

Has anyone else found their lives although difficult have had some positives with fibro?

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Hi, yes , I never stopped always cleaning the house, worked part time but always did extra, never stopped, fibro has slowed me down I appreciate life more and don't take things for granted, I make the most of life and what I can do as opposed to what I can't do, I get grumpy but I'm certainly not miserable, I have great friends, a fab doctor, wonderful husband and most importantly a beautiful daughter whom I never take for granted :-)

Great post very positive, you can find happiness in most things

Regards positive


yes my life changed the minute i got diagnosed with m.e about 5 years ago now and i saw how my hubby and everyone was about life has changed a considerable lot ,but not just coz of illness.

i changed coz of other personal stuff too.and ive had to adapt not being a full time no more,and losing my mom,and many other things .

and on top of that then getting diagnosed with fybro and now i might have epilepsy be lying if i said i didnt miss parts of my old life due to all 3.

but then my life has got better with the new life and im having to adapt and not think ahead and just live life one day at a time.

i have this crazy young woman inside of me yet my body and face look old..

so im glad that you have taken something out of all this and are enjoying it it for what it is now and not looking back.



such a positive post.




I used to belong to a running club in my late teens/early 20's, I worked full time in a bank, went running on the seafront Monday evenings, around River on Wednesday evenings and on a Friday evening, my husband used to run with me to a popmobility class (showing my age!), go off for a run on his own and run home with me after. I was skinny and fit, then I got glandular fever and its been going downhill ever since :(

Currently all my energy goes into my studies, though my latest problem appears to be with the tendons in my right arm... does anyone know how to complete two more years of a photography degree without holding a camera? I think I'm going to have to rethink some of my assignments so I can use lighter equipment - sigh... well I've been wanting to do more with my pinhole camera so maybe now is the time.

As far as housework... when I was on high rate care, I used to pay for someone to come in and help with all the things I couldn't do, when they cut it, I couldn't afford to pay. I appealed and at the tribunal they said they wouldn't give me the higher rate because I was managing without help...???!!!! Maybe they should have come to my home and seen exactly how I was "coping"! I hate having visitors as I'm embarrassed about the way my home looks.

Anyway, I'm now off to do the Bath Challenge, followed by the Sock and Shoe Challenge etc as a fibro friend of mine managed to drop her mobile phone in her mug of tea yesterday evening and I'm popping over once I'm up and about to lend her my old mobile as her D-I-L is due to produce my friend's first Grand-daughter at any time and she doesn't want to miss hearing the news! :)

One thing I have learned since being ill, is to take things a day at a time and to try and be more laid back about the things I can't control and on a bad day, not to beat myself up about all the things that I know just won't get done.


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