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poor circulation or not? one foot ok one foot blue! as mentioned with burst blood vessels ?? scarey

my left leg is the weakest by far but yet my rite is always blue in the foot after standing a short while swells i have a lot of varicose veins and so around ankle it swells and always very very warm but no pain as such.. my feet are pain ful to walk on however heels and front and down the side so uncofrortable...anyone else like this plesase xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I have a problem with my left ankle if I sit with it resting on the floor normally it swells and goes purple/ blue told it is arthritis my ankle has gone a different shape and have to wear a made to measure insole in my shoes to correct it... When it first started was very painful now it's more of a dull ache I always use a footstool now and that helps with the colour change.

Have you shown your gp... I showed him mine as I was very worried and in pain at the start he sent me to a rheumatologist who diagnosed arthritis and he referred me to orthotics to get the made to measure insoles.... Gosh I miss my old doctor he was so helpful

Good luck VG xx


Cazzie, I really think you need to pester your GP and ask him to do more for you eg will physiotheraphy help, accupuncture, chiropracter, hydrotheraphy etc.

Take your hubby with you to back you up and be the stroppy one if needed - my OH is brilliant at getting my GP to sit up and pay attention when I'm in dnager of being fobbed off :-)

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


I agree Cazzie, see your GP, you have enough to contend with without worrying about your feet troubling you too.

Perhaps you need a meds review too, make sure you mention all your symptoms and show your Doctor your feet and ankles and explain the difference between them sometimes. It's usually typical for our symptoms to stabilise the minute we walk through the GP's door, so describe them at their worst. Explain about the varicose veins too.

You may need referring to a Podiatrist to see if they can arrange orthotics for you. Might be worth a mention to your Doctor. Please let us know how you get on Cazzie. Take care, here's a hug (((x)))


Morning Hun,

I have a left foot that goes blue and is swollen enormously the docs have had me in hosp for ten days bed rest but when I put my foot to the ground it just started again. They ave tested every thing and no longer know what to do I have to wear hideous enormous shoes to get them to do up ugh awful no pretty ones for me lol just as well i would only fall off heels hehe but I would still like them!. The Podiatrist gave me insoles but you need shoes or boots that fit in order to use them so I now sit with it elevated always .

So I do hope you have more luck than me try everything hugs x gins


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