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well as thought had to stay off work, but not only me loses out my staff does and customers , but i have filled the recycle bin :-)

WEll i fell asleep unknowinlgly whilst my 11yr olds friend was here i was helping with home work one minute on hazardous images and next was asleep 8pm the dogs woke me 2 and half hours later with knock on door for Take away! eek

so not me not gett ing sleep as been woken with legs and neck and arm obviously taking its toll it guess.

I woke this morning again early and had to take pills earlier than normal, so not worked and had to not go as driving difficult with turning my head right and moving my right arm, plus the Diazepam causes tiredness too, even though i have worked before i was not this bad.

i have cleared out the cupboards where all my household bills and then my cupboard with all work paperwork and i filled the green bin! am shattered now pills worn off laid on sofa again and run out of T BAGS ohhhh noooo not good will ask my neighbour as i always make her lots of cuppas and she knows i NEVER off work unless bed ridden lol she like a mum to me that lady, only thing she will not know am home as i am car sharing with hubby so she will think am at work lol ..

nothin in cupboards as desperate for shopping but tight with money me not at work as i earn as i work :-( Skint flint lol then i watch Orange County Housewives lol xxxxxxxxx

hows everyone today just thought i share my moments of being at home

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