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I attend a Fibro support group and they are promoting the fact that what you eat affects your fibro in most cases. I was diagnosed with Fibro in 1985 and have had some shocking life situations since then that have exacerbated the pain and all the symptoms connected with Fibro. At some points I have had to use walking stick to help me get around, some days not being able to walk at all. Going upstairs on my bottom and the same coming down. I am not saying that I have been worse or better than anyone else with this debilitating disease. What I do know and am saying is that since going on a diet called 'EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE' by DR. PETER J. D'ADAMO, basically eat right for your blood type, I have been 80% better overall. Another few members of the group have also found a vast improvement in just a few short weeks, so everyone in the group is now going to try this diet. The improvement in my health began to show, just 2-3 week after starting this diet. Now I no longer need walking sticks, I can walk a few miles at a time, my sleep is much improved, the pain is virtually in the background and hardly noticeable, so many other symptoms are minor now or have disappeared. There are some days which I am not as well as I want to be, but usually this is down to doing to much in too short a space of time or by eating something that I shouldn't have done on the diet. It is not a diet to lose weight although in some cases some people can lose weight and quite a substantial amount. It is about eating the right foods for your own body type. We all have different symptoms ad that is because we are all different, with differentt blood types and dna. If you try this diet it will work for you in some or all ways. You can buy the book on Amaazon like I did, a used copy for as little as £2.90, I don't know what the full price is off hand but it is not overly expensive, about £7. I am not trying to promote a book here. I am trying to promote an awareness of how you can help yourself feel better and have less pain and suffer from the symptoms that you do. I believe that anything is worth trying and if you don't help yourself, then who will. The doctors don't help as much as they could, so it's down to you.

Kind regards to everyone and please let me know if you begin this diet and what changes you have experienced

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thank you that was very informative and will look for the book on ebay. glad it's helping you .


Thankyou for that,I have heard of this and after talking with a couple of friends who have another condition that I have and finding we were Rhesus A- was quite surprising.

So will definately be looking further into this.

Hugs Butterfly54xxxxx


My daughter found this information and altho she doesn't have any health issues was going to try and follow it. She also told me what I should avoid for my blood type. Strangley I had evolved a diet that included the things I should eat and had all ready avoided some things that I should avoid. Luckily red wine was one of the things that were on the list of SHOULD include!! We still haven't noticed a great deal of difference, but none the less still a very interesting concept. Xx


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