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back to work

going back to work today its my last day of the week i work anyway luckily my friend is driving us which is good as had no sleep ,not due to fibro but my cpap machine was giving way to much air last night , walked the dogs this morning and yes she was on the pavement but just didnt see the lady on her bike! sort of collided luckily we know each other and she was on the path as the rd is closed (safer to go on path than thru diversions as they are driving like maniacs out there)

SO gawd knows what im gonna be like at work but hey ho im doing my bit going in on a busy day!

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oh and taking my very thick cardi with a hood on just to keep me warm feel so cold today


I think weathers cooling down I'm in bed and I'm cold gonna battle with the shower later gonna be realy cold the brrrrrrrrrrrr


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