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This site is becoming like eastenders, I came on here to see how you all are as been on course all day, and I'm saddened that stuff is still going on, well I hope you guys are well ish and not had a bad day, gona take a break from this site and hopefully every thing will resume in a supportive manner that we all so desperately need from this site

Love and hugs to you all

Nicki xxxxx

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i hope college went well for you as i read you werent looking forward to it.take care and hope you come back soon xx


I'm hoping all the ruffled feathers get smoothed soon - this is all way too stressful when you know nice people (ie Diddle and Lindsey) are hurting.

We all need to kiss and make up, and if that means calling a truce (and even reaching a compromise of agreeing to disagree then so be it).

Julie xx


Absolutely it's all very sad and hope it can be resolved there's more than just two people on this sight that need support , I have got too much too say so I'll be back tomorrow , got too many aches and pains too moan about :-) ripped ham string and bad arm from painting so I would miss this site as no one listens too me like you guys do !!!!!!! Cheers Julie

Nicki xxxxxxx


oh dear Homer that does sound so painful how on earth did you manage to rip your hamstring ? did you fancy having something different going on ? ha ha seriously the support IS still here along with your friends sleep well J x


Thanks hun, had cooker hood fitted and they made mess of my wall had to be painted!!!! Still not finished yet, I'm just stubborn and want it hamstring ok today, it's my back:-) hope your well ish !!!!!

Love nicki xxxxx thanks for your response hun


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