An idea for DWP cutbacks

I had to visit the local JobCentrePlus this morning.

At 9.50, when we left, there were FOUR G4S security guards at the front door!

How about cutting down on security guards (who looked like they would struggle to be bouncers at Mothercare incidently) rather than on our benefits!

Explains why G4S couldn't provide the security for the Olympics too - they were all too busy protecting the JobCentres!!!

Julie xx

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  • Wow it must have been anarchy on the cards for poor payments :) gins

  • You would not say that if you worked in the Job centre, those guards however feeble they look are needed for the protection of not only the staff but customers like yourself. They are there to make sure your visit goes without hassle from other people, who can at times be quite intimidating. The staff have to deal with all sorts of people and unfortunately some of these can be violent and the guards are there to prevent harm to everyone.

  • "Fine", i take it you are, fine that is, not sick, disabled, redundant ? all of those things are highly stressfull, often very emotional. All those people are in a confused and mentally battered state and need a bit of compassion and being treated like a human being. Yes there ARE scumbag scroungers, so why not treat people decently until you KNOW otherwise, instead of the other way round. They just might be more co-operative. Most of us on here have experienced pain, constant sleepless nights and other suffering for many years, so its no wonder we're a bit grumpy by the time we HAVE TO visit the job centre, because the government have taken away the only support we have. We have to eat and pay bills too. Oh, I know what, why doesnt the government take away the scumbags benefit if theyre abusive to jobcentre staff. THAT might make them a little more civil when theyre allowed back in. Please dont assume everyone is there to make jobcentre staff's jobs a misery. Some of us have NO CHOICE. And no one FORCES THEM to work there.

  • If you follow that logic every bank, pub, shop, bookies and library would have security guards.

    If the whole DWP set up was less negative and didn't assume that everyone is a faker who has to be summoned for interogation then there wouldn't be any ill feeling would there?

    In any case 4 security guards seems very excessive for quiet little town on a Monday morning.

    Julie xx

  • well said julie. they dont need any security in our jobcentre with the sour faced bulldog theyve got on the receiption desk. the tables and chairs have got more feeling and compassion than her. and youre right, not everyone who goes to the jobcentre is a scrounger, some of us have no choice,especially the sick and disabled who david cameron has forced into those places.

  • You seem to both have missed my point completely and it's quite upsetting that you seem to have misjudged and jumped down my throat in an accusing manor, assuming that I am a healthy person, without pain and problems.

    FINE actually stands for Frustrated Inadequate Neurotic and Exhausted. I have Fibro, underactive thyroid, and severe depression, have been a carer for my mother, have had to deal with 5 close family deaths in the last 3 years. I worked for 30 years for the Social Security and all its changes and the later years in the Jobcentre. The people who work there are not to blame for the government rules and in most cases don't always agree with them. I have been sacked through my ill health and have been refused ESA and am appealing just like everyone else, and yes its frustrating. I did not say anywhere that we assume everyone is a scumbag, I loved my job and hope that I helped and made a difference to lots of people that I met. Yes the benefits have changed and the way people are treated is not fair but please don't blame the people that work there. The Security Guards are in high numbers because they also need to have breaks and they are actually called Customer Care Officers and they are there to help sign post people to the right place and adviser. I have seen people kick of and we had one person come in with a gun, as I stated this can make other customers feel uncomfortable and frightened.

  • Hi Fine i am sure you have helped many people in your working life , it seems as if you have had a lot to cope with over the years and no wonder you suffer from depression. we are hear for comfort and support and i hope you get your ESA sorted J

  • I've just read these posts and was in the middle of mentally writing a reply to one of them starting with "whoa there..." then I read Fine's new post. It is so easy to misread a post. I have done that myself before now. I was in an awful place and someone seemed to be mocking another person. I immediately posted back about respect. Unfortunately, it was actually the same person replying to his own text and humorously noting an error.

    Names on here are personal choices and although f.i.n.e. made me smile, not everyone knows it. Everyone here is stressed, emotional and in pain and our tolerance is low. I'm sorry Fine and Bumblebee57 were upset and hope now that it's cleared up were ok. There's been a lot of things going on on this site and we all need each other.

    regards, sandra.

  • Ok fair enough f.i.n.e., Im sorry you are suffering like the rest of us. Perhaps you could have explained earlier? There are the odd nice members of staff at the jobcentre, and I dont blame the staff for all this government nastiness, I know they are just doing what theyre told to do. You have to admit that there is evidence of DWP staff getting a lot of things wrong, losing paperwork etc, which holds up claims and adds to the claiments frustration and desparation. its no wonder they get a bit agro. But they could show a little more concern and compassion for peoples distress. Distress, depression, worry,pain etc every day = frequent short temper. I suppose its a 2 way thing, but I always think nice attitude and a smile dont cost anything (even if you dont mean it,lol). So until you know otherwise, it wouldnt hurt to treat people with respect. Innocent until proven guilty.

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