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Hii everyone hows things going

Not long back from football match with my 11yr old

Was the 1st match of the season although we have done friendlys,

We won 11-1 but we all lose a game now and then, we started with a new football team as ours folded due to many things.

She fitting in well and bonding nicely and doing things she never got chance to with other team.

I have been up and down as hubbys car is very ill and having to sort via insurance after a huge rubble collecting lorry forced hubby no choice to a small ditch which as result has left him no car! So we are car sharing, hence me not around so muchas exhauseted.

Weather cooled down a bit now, having a little sangria with stawberries, pc marley been to see me today asking if i still going ahead with ID parade and court. Booked in for Thursday now eeek .

Been to Dr twice last week and told more room for up doses on lyrica if meeded and will help with Blue badge and any other support too so lets see how it goes

Love to alll cazzie xxx

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Well I am in so much pain today I should be dosed up on lots of pain meds but as they don't work for long I chose to have a pint of cider instead. Sometimes you have to take these difficult decissions :-)


You most certainly do Devonlady and hope it was ice cold ?!

At 1st i never drank but now i do a couple as you know your limit with this very disturbing illness as its harsh enough as it is lol, so why not have a fluid friend.

Sorry your in so much pain luvie what meds do they give you?

Or what you tried.

It took a long while for me to find something and as much as its not full proof as still suffer it does give some relief but have to put up with side effects with it.

I just woke up as i sooooo cannot drink in day time at all anymore without crashing out. I clock watch for pills as they wear off so quick.

The aches, burning pains just throb and are disabling as i am so weak and cannot do anything without medication and keep telling Dr as would love to not take any (i have tried once i weaned off and omg) i will not do it again and i do have a very high pain tolerance but its not the pain its the whole disabling feing.

So thinking now to get off ones bed when the glue melts and lets me and have a wine as not wrking tomoro yey . Well i am but from home hoh .. Hahaa

Will get on laptop stick some music toooons on and start annoying this site with my silly singing haha xxxx


Some times cymbalta takes away my appetite away not

Very often, but when it does I don't really want much to

Eat I think if my husband did not nag I,would not bother

Any way I have noticed that when I don't eat much I feel

So much better the pain does not seem as bad I just

Wonder if it the amount I,eat ro some thing that I eat

I expect it's just one of those things, I love cider

As well that's what made me say about food,

Yes I have a strange brain and reading one thing

Makes me think of another cider and what I eat

Has nothing to do with cider, I am just a strange


Love Viv

Hope your pain gets better soon


Ohh no i replied to you viv aswell and its vanished :-(

Nooo could not be lol allll that typing on my phone too huh sulking now hehe

Was saying how i go off subject in most things as i have a mash potato brain.

Well been t shops and pj's on and now time to relax! Ahhhh well thats alll i do lol

Except footy this mornings with my daughter x

Going to pist blogs in a momento hmm

Have a little sherry with moi x


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