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I have just taken my doggy up the road and it has made my fingers go blue and purple and white ha ha and go numb they are so cold i think i need to start wearing my wrist supports again as they really help , if they are like this now what are they going to be like when it gets really cold lol

oh well now having a coffee to warm up my hands ha ha love to you all enjoy your dayit is lovely and sunny here at the min love diddle xxx

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Oh I do hope your fingers come back to life. I had a really bad Fibro day on my birthday and was feeling very down. Take care and have a nice day. Margaret xx


Sound like you may have raynauds phenomenon. Do they hurt when they warm up? My son used to wear gloves that warmed up and kept his hand toastie. They had a battery near the wrist. You can also get one use hand warmers from outdoor shops that warm up when you open them. You hold they in your pockets or gloves.

Hugs xxx


hi i had raynauds phenoneam lol spelling when i was 17 but in my feey more i done a traila oftablets biut dont know if i had the placebo ones they were glass viles and i hadto snap off the top and driunk the liquid for a month and keep a diary so it is possible itis back thanks for that also ihave carpal tunnel which has been okfor a few weeks now it is getting colder and damper it looks like the wrist supports are going back on and the lovely bracelets are off lol as cant wear both

oh well til the next summer lol


I get the same thing, but usually only in the winter. I was told it was Raynards. I wear sheepskin mittens in the winter, as I can move my fingers about in them. Other than that there isn't much relief. I find myself warming my hands up on my hot cup of tea, or running them under a warm tap, especially when I come in after being out. My feet are much the same, so where two pairs of socks. Wish I lived somewhere warm, I don't have the problem when I am


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