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Looming Disaster for the NHS

Head over to FB page for Keith Ordinary Guy who writes a letter a day to David Cameron and read today's letter about the appointment of Jeremy Hunt as the new Health Minister. The man has already stated he wants the NHS dismantled. As if ATOS isnt bad enough - if this guy gets his policies through, I despair to think of the effect on chronically sick, elderly, disabled and just plain impoverished people. facebook.comkeith.lindsayca...

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38 Degrees are running this petition.


Jeremy Hunt is a cretinous individual who is not qualified for his important ministerial post. The present government have, in any case, begun to dismantle the NHS - if you remember they have already pretty much got rid of the dental service. They will stealthily chip away at it until it is gone


I live in Scotland, so this is currently not an issue - but that is not to say the govt of the day won't try to change things in the future, so it is important to keep an eye on the ball. I do, however have plenty family and friends who live in England, and are affected by these changes. I cant help but feel DC put Andrew Lansley in to raise the guillotine and is now allowing Hunt the privilege and pleasure of letting it drop.


I read and share Keith's letters every day . Thank God for people like Keith who stand up to this bullying government .

This country is going to hell in a hand cart . The UNELECTED PM is wreaking as much havoc as he can because he knows he'll never get to be an elected PM , so it doesn't matter to him what damage he does.

As he wasn't officially elected he is squatting at No.10 and we all know the new laws about squatting don't we ... ? :)


Cameron has no soul, maybe he is a KGB sleeper - dismantling Britain from the inside out?

Julie xx