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Nhs is a serious joke

Beyond the pain, stiffness, dizziness, disorientation and misery of waiting to be seen by rheumatology and pain clinic to be finally properly evalutated i could have coped if it werent for the nhs messing me around.

I am still being seen by gastroenology as i have ibs and coeliac disorder and he requested an mri back in february, i've chased it repeatedly but each time been fobbed off with the department is busy it'll be soon. Now got through to someone else and they said it had been booked and i missed it. No letter or anything arrived here! No call, nothing!!

Now they are seeing if the doctor wants it booking quickly before next appointment on 28th may or leaving to be discussed and rebooked at appointment! What! Nothing in my condition has changed whatelse would there be to talk about! Its a waste of an appointment!

i cannot believe how incompetent the nhs can be! No wonder i am stressed out and having fibro flares and fogs near enough all the time at the moment!!

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Although my treatment is amazing I have actually turned up to an appointment to be told I should have received a cancellation and rebooking appointment, I didn't, and its quite a mission to get there.It is simply not a good enough excuse that the department is busy, call your consultants secretary see if they can speed things up. Your consultant will have no idea this is going on. Hope you get answers soon. Lou xx

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The secretary is already doing this thank goodness. She tutted when i told her what the mri dep said. She said though that it might be after my next appointment on 28th which is a waste of an appointment as it was meant to review the mri scan! Of all things you'd think people should be able to rely on while unwell is the nhs! Useless! Thanks Lou x

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The thing that frustrates me the most is the lack of common sense within the world we live now.

As you say, what's the point of the appointment to discuss a procedure you have not had!

I received a letter asking if I would like to take part in a Pain Management programme. I was asked in my letter to have the courtesy to ring even if I did not wish to take part (which I do!) so they could offer the place elsewhere. I have rung, and rung and rung. No one ever answers the number they've sent me! I've tried ringing at every possible different time you can think of, but still no reply.

I've now lost the letter completely, darn Fibro fog 😁

If it's not too difficult for you to get there, I would still go to your appointment so you can explain to your Consultant what has happened.

Lu x

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I now start chasing if no appt comes within 2 weeks as twice with my electronic acupuncture I have actually been taken off the list because someone did not tick the box for a repeat appt and being a patient soul just thought they were busy and had not immediate appointments. I ended up having to wait 8 months instead of 4.

Another time I was waiting for an appt about a suspicious mole on my back and could not understand why I was having to wait for so long only to find an appt had never been asked for.

Now I am extra vigalent. I do hope you get one soon and that the MRI shows you what is wrong. Fingers crossed for you,.x


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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