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hi can anyone tell me if they have tryed meptid 200 mg befire doc gave me some the other day to take with the rest of my meds so far mo good im in so much pain i take most my quota tjrough the night dose anyone advice me to see a specalist as i went to hospital told what it was my doc gave me tabs for my fibro was surposed to go for pysio but ive heard nothink your yvonne hugs to you all xx

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I must admit I am not familiar with this medication but looked up some info on it -

"Meptid Tablets belong to a group of medicines known as opioid analgesics, which are used to relieve pain. They contain meptazinol as the active ingredient.

Meptid Tablets are used for the short-term treatment of moderate pain from a variety of causes."

For more info, please click on the link below -

Has anyone else taken this med, if so, please post your experiences, thank you! :)


Hi liberty thanks for looking it up ive yfyed a few dirrerent tabs not impressef with it so far hugs xx


Hiya Yvonne, i've been on these tablets for a good while now, (1 x 4times a day) along with gabapentin & paracetamol.. still in constant pain, as r we all.. just wish there was something out there in the medical world, that could at least dampen down most of the pain, to help us lead a reasonable, manageable kind of day.. hope u do get some relief from ur meds.. Gentle Hugs.. x


Hi mavericksmom thanks for getting bk to me they r not helping me at all im taking them with cocodamol ibrufen and still in pain might get a hour where it feels a little better i hate feeling like this its driving me mad surrered with arterits fir years niw this hope you r ok or as best as u can be yvonne xx


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