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Hi every one just wanted to ask ? My Doctor has just put me on a new medication called Duloxetine I was wondering if any one else had been on them and did they get side affects if so what sort as since I’ve been on these I’ve had a few funny things going on . And are they any good thank you xx

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I've been on it for years. It's supposed to work for nerve pain and fibro. It's good for some people and not good for some others. It certainly comes with lots of side effects. The worst for me was the constipation. If it works like for your fibro it's worth taking it. I had to stop because it wasn't working for my depression. Now that I've come off it I don't think it was working for my fibro.

It's a potent antidepressant so be careful with dose and follow instructions.

Be warned that they are an absolute nightmare to get off if you’ve been taking them for a long time! The withdrawal is evil horrible very unpleasant to say the least! I’m not quite off them yet but well on the way, if you’re getting side effects that you don’t like don’t increase the dose thinking it will be ok, it might not and if it isn’t it’s going to be much harder to get off them! Once I get off them completely which should be a month or two more I shall be free of any Pharma chemicals and I know already that I will be better for it. Not everyone is the same so my experience may not be the same as others but to me it makes sense that you’re body doesn’t want chemicals that are designed to treat symptoms!

I was on it for a while and it seems like it caused me to have severe night sweats. Other than that I think it did help me but I’ve been off it for a year now.

I was on this only for about a month as the side effect were horrific, I got a raised rough rash all the way down my arm, somebody asked me if it was psoriasis, it was just a reaction to these tablets. once I stopped taking them it took about 6 months for the rash to go away, and following that every time I went in the shower, the hot water left red marks where the rash had been for several hours after I got out of the shower, this went on for the best part of a year.

Hi there hitman57, I’m sorry you’re struggling to find the right meds to help you.

Fibromyalgia is not a one size fits all illness, everyone is affected differently. Medications for Fibro work for some people, and others they don’t.

You’ve got to find through trial & error, what helps you most. You and your Dr have to work together to find what works best for you, as your doc knows your medical history. That’s why it takes so long to get a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, all other illness has to be ruled out first.

Please don’t decide to take, or not take a medication on the strength of how it has affected someone else. Everyone is affected differently. You’ll hear horror stories, you’ll hear success stories. Also a point worth noting is that there are no medications out there that are going to give you complete pain relief from Fibromyalgia.

All medicines have a long list of side effects, some people have a few, others a lot, others know after a few days it’s not for them. Then on the other hand there are people like myself, who have been on Morphine, Tramadol, Co-Codamaol, Gabapentin, Duloxetine, Amitriptyline, and others, and I was able to stop them gradually without too many problems. I came off them as I felt that although they helped at the time, they were interfering with my job, and my ability to drive safely. At the moment I take Paracetamol, Nefopam, and Amitriptyline, they keep the pain in the background but they don’t interfere with my lifestyle.

I do hope you can find something that gives you a break from your pain. Living in these stressful time doesn’t help either.

Take care, & stay safe.

GP. 😊😊

in reply to Greenpeace

Thank you yes I know I can’t expect a lot so I’ll just wait and see what happens

I have been on Duloxetine since 2007 and it saved my life. I was close to ending it, when my Consultant in pain management put me on 90mg a day for 3 months and then 60mg since then. It reduced the pain and made life worth living again. I had no side effects to speak of. I take Pregabalin as well plus Meloxicam and Dihydracodeine for flare-ups. My fibromyalgia Pain is 50% of what it used to be. You can read more here

Hi I have been on a very long time and I have had no problems

I was on them for only days. They knocked me right out. When I was a awake the turned me into a zombie and had dizzy spells.

I've been on them for 2 years for my nerve pain. It has helped. To combat the side effects I take it before bed. Hope's it can help you too. Stay safe

I have taken anti depressants for about 12 years now. You just have to try them as everybody reacts differently. I first took fluoxetine. If worked for about 5 years then I started getting panic attacks again. I’ve tried various others and even went back to fluoxetine but it gave me headaches this time round. I am currently taking 30mg duloxetine but when I went up to 60mg. It didn’t agree with me it gave me restless legs and insomnia. I came off it for a month and now just take the 30mg with no side effects. I don’t know if it’s helping my Fibro but it’s keeping my anxiety low.

When I was diagnosed with fibro the doctor prescribed duloxitine. It made me so depressed, lacking all interest and motivation, didn't want to get out of bed. Stopped it after a few weeks. For me it was worse than the pain (which it didn't really help anyway) , I guess each of us has to find our own balance.

Duloxetine, obviously good luck hitman57 if you can stay with this medication, l had a most violent reaction straight away so cannot comment on how good they might be.

Can I ask how long it lasted? I took one on Tuesday and stopped vomiting midday Thursday. Cheeks look scalded. I wondered if I had a coincidental bug!!! Seemed severe for 20mg pill. Scared to try again

Hi, I am having this make me sick! I was given sick tablets with this.

Hi, I got really bad insomnia with them and felt really sick, so came of them quickly. As with all meds they suit some and not others. Good luck xx

I've been on it for almost 12 years but for depression. I can't recall the side effects I did have I'm sorry but I know that when I swapped from a morning dose to evening one, I had no further issues. I take 120mg. Good luck.

I also take maximum dose 120mg and it’s really helped my depression and a tiny bit for pain, but it’s minimal

Hello hitman57. Duloxetine had no beneficial effect for me but it's clearly helped others. Good luck.

Hi Hitman57

My doctor put me on these and I was a little worried as I already suffered with the top couple of side effects every day .

So first time of taking them I was repeatedly sick .

Second day sicker .

Third day couldn't get out of bed as nausea had now caused dizziness.

Stopped taking them .

My daughter nagged me so much I took them again two weeks later .

Day one sick as a dog

Haven't taken them since .

Two of my friends take a similar dose and find they have worked with out any problems at all .

Hope things settle down for you x

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