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I cut the lawn in 4 hours!

Because of this lovely rain we have been having this year, mine and everyone roses lawn was a sorry sight. I was beginning to lose the dogs when they went out!! Anyway it took me four hours with a sprained wrist and tennis elbow. My Fibro has behaved recently enough to be semi normal which is good. however, because the grass was so long and wet, I had to keep U jamming the blades from sods of mulched up grass! My daughter-in-law took over to do the front lawn which isn't quite as huge, and after it had dried slightly, gave the back lawn a second cut. It all now looks lovely as I sit here having a nice culpa in the rare sun. Problem is my body now feels like its been in a train wreck! SO..looks like I shall be just admiring the garden today and looking longingly at all the weeds!

Enjoy the sun guys if you have it xx

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It sounds like my lawn I m afraid I cannot use the mower any more and my partner who is seventy is not very capable he gets a quarter of way and gives up so now lawn - once a billiard table edged with glorious flowers is now a hay field with strips of dead grass an the flower border being enveloped with bind weed and the like ! It is one thing that really saddens me perhaps we should put down that wonderous false grass they use in stadiums :) x gins


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