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I drove to my daughters today and we went into town with my 2 grandsons they were so very good i bought themboth a toy each we had a lovely time went back to hers had a drink then i drove home to my little man ( my doggy ) lol toook him foir a walk and now having a relax on the bed wioth a magazine and a cuppa the sky was beautiful earlier but it is now black so dont know if we are in for some rainbut i dont care i am all costy indoors

i hope you all had a lovely day

i am off now for a bit will pop back a bit later love to you diddle x

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I am so please you had a good day I can't manage to walk

Round many shops about 3 then I have had enough.

I so miss walking round the shops I went to the beach

Front today and had an ice cream had to sit down felt

Like one of those old people on the bench.

No sign of rain yet on the isle of wigjt


Diddle I am so envious of you - I wish I could rustle up your energy; the CFS tiredness is just too overwhelming for me!

Julie xx


oh thankyou both i do it but i pay for it i am a fool to myself really it will hit me like a brick wall one day or so i have been told love to you diddle xxxxxxx


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