Fido, my Alsatian

Fido, my Alsatian

That's what my boyfriend and I have taken to calling this condition - it seems to be taking the p*** out of me, so I think it's time I had a go back! ;)

Well, the GP couldn't access my blood results on the computer last week, but he's fairly sure (as I am) that the consultant would've contacted me if there were any abnormalities. So, that and the results of the physical examination (tender points etc.) seem to suggest that Fibro is the correct diagnosis. He's prescribed 30:500 Co-codamol (a beautiful drug that doesn't shift the pain so much as takes away my ability to care - used with extreme caution for this reason!), and 10mg amitriptyline, which appears to be causing mild dizziness and postural hypotension. I'll give it a few weeks to settle, though, before I pass judgement on it, as it does seem to be helping me to sleep, even if my dreams have been bordering on psychedelic!

I'm having trouble focusing my mind to work at the moment, too. Not so bad when I'm treating patients, as they're there in front of me, but the admin side of it all seems to be eluding me right now. I make lists, and then my mind wanders, and the lists are still there, haunting me, and teasing me. I'm sure it'll pass.

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  • Hi If you feel that the name is taking thie P**** change it to something not so cute ...

    I supose you could look at it like the dog .. You look after it treat it with respect or it p##ps on your carpet or bites ...( sorry a small joke but true in a way look after the condition do what you need to do or it gets over welming )

    Hopefully the drugs will settle your system and you will feel more normal and able to focus .. in the mean time be nice to your self xx

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Hah hah, Lexie, this is quite true! I'm afraid I've learned the hard way that, if I don't look after the 'dog', it does indeed leave a huge steaming pile in the middle of my best rug, which I'm not really up to cleaning up!

    Gentle hugs for you, too! xx

  • my goodness Sootyb you are doing well to still be working! I have just had my cocodamol upped from 8/500 to 30/500 and I feel spaced out just on that! your description is very accurate lol. Be careful though because as we know it can make you feel very strange!

  • Well, I'm dragging myself in at the minute, if I'm honest. I had 5 months off when they were first trying to work out what was wrong with my silly body, and only returned to work in February. That basically leaves me with a month of sickness left before I'm on half pay, and I can't really afford that. Plus, I'm on a stage 2 sickness warning already - another episode will push me to a final warning (silly as that sounds), as my NHS employer no longer makes any real provision in the sickness absence policy for absence due to disability.

    I'm keeping an eye on myself, and minimising the painkillers I take when I'm actually treating patients to reduce the risk, but I'm afraid, if I start posing a risk to others due to side-effects, I'll be either off sick or asking for admin duties.

    Sara xx

  • I thought that if you had a dr's note plus a debilitating condition you were immune from those warnings - I am disgusted that you're not! Do they still retire you as sick? You need to speak to a union rep or the CAB for advice. If you're too ill to go into work you need to be off work.

    Sorry I can't help.



    are you on DLA?

  • Nope - I've read the paperwork, but I'd feel a bit of a fraud applying, given how much trouble a lot of you guys on here are having. I struggle, but ... I don't know - I'm not used to being ill! I always said I didn't have time for it! I like to think I'm invincible, you know?

    Re. the sickness warnings, we used to have slightly more allowance made for people with disabilities, in that they were monitored, but their condition was taken into account. However, we've recently joined our community NHS trust with a hospital one, and the policies have all been revised. The new policy only mentions the word 'disability' twice; neither are in context with any allowance made for people with one! And our current triggers for a Stage1 are 3 episodes or 14 days in 12 months ... who stands a chance?

    Sara xx

  • how are you a fraud? apply. Don't let the fact people are having problems put you off - that's how the powers that be try to stop decent people getting help. apply.get the b&w info and that'll help you answer properly.

    if you get a last warning do you face instant dismissal or a medical and tribunal? might be that'd bring in different actions they have to follow.

    regards, sandra.

  • this might help

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