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On my meds

Hi all, I haven't been on here for a week, been an odd week, emotional pain etc, anyway been on duloxatine for a week now and no nasty side effects as I was dreading, hoping to feel better than I do , I'm normally happy upbeat but seem to be shutting down a bit emotionally so another couple of weeks on these meds and maybe be happier hopefully, thank you folks

Nicki xxxx hope your all bearing up xxx

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Hello Homer, good to see you back with us today. So sorry you've had a tough week. It's bound to all get on top of you from time to time, so don't be too hard on yourself. Hopefully in a little while when your new med kicks in properly you will feel a lot better.

We're always here for you. Take care and pop in whenever you can, always good to see you here. :)


Thank you I can just be tough sometimes cant it, and I don't admit that to any one normally, but il be fine soon hopefully,

Take care liberty z xxxxx


Hi Homer,

Lovely to see you back!!

It does take time with meds and we fight, if they are starting to help and your feeling some goid effects please stick at it as i did with my best friend lyrica!!

Took a long time and now i like a car, or wind up little toy,

Soon as start running low i just pick up again!!

All worth it xxxxx bless you kerp head up huni buni xxxx


Thank you, yes we just brush ourselves of and pick our selves up don't we? I will stick at tablets my husbands looking forward to the full affect s, bless him he's had it rough from me lately, good job he loves me.

Love nicki xxx your response has helped xxx


Its about them closest too who deal with it as its as hard for them,

I am lucky too nikki hubby & daughters are so helpful!!

Keep positive homer!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxc


Thank you xxxxxxxxx


Hi Homer

I've been on a cocktail of medication following cancer treatment diagnosed in October 2010. I had inoperable advanced cervical cancer. The heavy-duty radiotherapy got rid of the tumour but resulted in nerve damage. I was put on a cocktail of heavy-duty medication to deal with pain, including methadone, that were prescribed by my pain clinic.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in April and started taking duloxetine. In the past four weeks, I've cut down the methadone from 30 mg per day to 22.5 mg. I'm working towards eliminating it completely. I've already eliminated Amitryptilline and sodium valproate since April.

On Friday, I asked my GP to increase the duloxetine to the maximum dose and she agreed. I think it's really helping me to reduce the methadone, which I hate taking because of its long term effects.

I know that everyone reacts differently to drugs. I'm telling you my experience because it might help you to feel a bit easier about duloxetine. I hope it works for you as well as it is working for me.


Hi thank you sorry to hear about your cancer and I'm glad the tumor went, I know there's plenty of people on here who take far more meds than me and who've had experience of different kinds, I'm feeling fine on them just wish they'd hurry up and start working to there full potential as I can feel the black cloud of depression coming , I guess my brains adjusting, I hope you continue to improve and get stronger

Kind regards nicki xxx


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