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Hi peeps well am lying in bed absolutely whaked out kept trying to turn over in my sleep and that's hard enough on a good day, hurt like hell like someone had sliced a hole in my chest oh yea someone did that last night, so I'm resting crocheting and watching twilight saga eclipse I know I'm sad but I don't care I like the books more, yes I have a lot of time on my hands, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words I'm gonna go rest some more thankyou again biggest gentle hugs all round. Sithy.

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  • i dohope you enjoy your twilight saga i dont watch thos but they are mean to be really good arent they and i cannot knit or crochet to save my life but it does pass the time i do hope you arefeeling better soon love diddle xx

  • I love crochet - very soothing and it grows so much faster than knitting too

    Julie xx

  • Hi peeps im yvonne been feeling down i suffer with fibro and depression i gave up smoking 5 months ago and ive but weight on after loosing 3 stone over the last 2 years so dont like myself at mo as cant exersise dont seem to be eating anythink bad like choc or cake and this pain so getting me down just a very bad day lots of hugs to u all yvonne x

  • Hi Yvonne you should like yourself lots you've accomplished a big thing you've quit smokeing and with our condition that's a major accomplishment I know what you say about bad days I'm having one had a very large sist lanced friday night am whacked out my chest is sore from the lancing and I keep catching it hardly slept cos I kept trying to turn on my side which is hard enough enough on a good day with the wound being between my breasts well you can guess what happens so all in all its one of those pull the covers over your head and shut out the world kind of days except I can't stand the covers over my head anyhoo hope your feeling better soon .ttfn Sithy

  • Hi sthandra hi thank u for getting bk to me i feel for you with your sist and otjer pains im in agony today so you must feel awful i hope you feeel better real soon hun yvonne xx lots of hygs

  • Hugs soz

  • I don't mind they can be hugs hygs or any combination of lettes I know the feeling being conveyed so big sqidges as my youngest always calls them

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