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PINK OR BLUE ?????????????????

My daughter and son in law are expecting my 3rd grandchild in Jan 2013 and on WED 5th sept the day before my birthday they are finding out (ifthe baby is being nice) waht they are having she is so excited she doesnt mind what it is but a girl would be nice as they have 2 x boys aged 4 and 2 but as long as all is wellshe does not mind

in a local shopfor weeks now they have had changing mats pink and blue that say keep calm and change my bum lol she loves them and the stock is getting low so on thurs i went and bought one of each so that on wed iwill be taking one back the lady on the till laughed when i told her but she would have been devasted if they had all gone

so that will be the best birthday present i could wish for wont it finding out whatmy new little grandchild is going to be i am excited to soas soon as we all find out we will go and buy a few little bits althoufgh she has a fewthings it is nice to have some new things too but if it is a girl it will def be all new things

roll on wed and thank good ness her appointment is 9 .15 am too i dont think she could hold it together if it wasat 3 pm lol

i just wish this silly old mr fibro would dissapear so i could do more with my grandkids but heyho it is here tostay so got to make the best of it havent we

love to you all diddle xxxx

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Good luck for Wed x My grandson was born in January this year and he's the best thing that's happened in along time. He lives with me and keeps me on my toes. dreemar xx


How exciting, Diddle! What would you do if it turned out to be one of each? Guess you could keep both the changing mats then!

I used to run an ultrasound clinic, and we had a lot of customers wanting to know the sex of their unborn baby!

I had a frantic call from a lady one day ... the hospital had told her she was having a boy, and she had decorated the nursery in blue - at great expense - then she met a 'clairvoyant' who told her no, she was definitely having a girl!

She was beside herself, so I wheeled her in, put the ultrasound probe on her bump, and could see at once that it was very obviously a boy.

"Are you sure?" she said.

I pointed to the image on the screen - the little boy's equipment was pretty well-developed and very obvious.

"What do you think that is?" I asked.

She still looked unconvinced, and at this point, our elderly and rather tetchy Scottish doctor walked past and said:

"Och, lassie - if that's a wee gairlie, she's gonna ha'e the most awfae trouble explainin' that growth she's got dangling there!"

The lady went away still a bit worried, but six weeks later we had a lovely card with a picture of her new baby son, saying well, you were right all along.

I'm still scratching my head and wondering why people will believe an old biddy fortune teller in preference to a proper scientific test!


Good luck for Wednesday Diddlle, my eldest daughter is due to have her first baby in January too! She has had her scan and she is having a boy! My next daughter is having a baby in November around my birthday and they have chosen to keep the sex a surprise, they already have a girl aged 5 who insists she is having a sister!



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