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OMG my rusty had a mobile doggy aprlour come to my house last night at 7,30 she pulled up in a hge van all silver and pink with doggys pics and paws all over it . inside was spotless clean all white and bright pink even the towels bless her

she came in and met rusty then wrote him outa card (yes really) a customer card like i do for my sisters clients at her beauty room she was very thorough )

then she took rusty out to the huge van as she does it all out there she just plugs into your electricity, and an hour and half later back he came well he was beautifukl he really was he smely like baby powder as she had put doggy cologne on him baby powder smell he had his eyes/ears/teeth/glands done and you could really seee his teeth had been done and she had cut him lovely he was a different dog she told me he had had 3 xtraetments on his skin to keep it moisturised and my dog loved her he just sayt on the floor looking up at her and to top it all she handed me a bag of treats all done up like wedding favours with little butons and treats for him with a personalised tag on it to rusty for being a good boy

i will def be having her again she is lovely and my whole house smells ofbaby powder today still lol

it cost £25 which is what parlour are here but she had the personal touch i only paty £21 for my hair ha ha

love to you all diddle xx

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Aww, sounds like he really enjoyed it lol


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