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ESA stopped because I was too ill to go to the Atos medical :( what should I do next?


Hi Everyone,

In November I recieved an appointment for an Atos work capability medical assessment, at the time I was in a bad way, bed bound and unable to walk, I phoned them and told them I couldn't attend because of the reasons above, the man on the phone made me a new appointment for a week later, the new appointment for 30th of Nov came around but my health hadn't changed,

I still couldn't walk and was still in bed so I phoned again and explained that I couldn't get there because its 13 miles away and couldn't walk and asked for a home visit, they refused to make me a new appointment and told me he can't offer me more than 2 appointments which I'd already been offered, Today I've recieved a letter from ESA telling me my payments have stopped from 1st December because I failed to attend the work capability assessment medical, They make it sound like I just didn't show up, what am I supposed to do if I can't walk?

Does anyone know what I should do next? I'm still unable to walk properly.

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Hi you need to immediately to appeal and send a doctors note in. Dont give up. Letters from the health professionals who look after you can help. Dont hesitiate. Have you someone who can help you with it. Oh one last thing phone calls are no good. Write direct and send it recorded delivery.

I know when you are nor well you cant be bothered but your money will go down 30p pounds its a lot of money and the difference between the central heating on or not.

Take care

Bye for now love A XX

Hi Annabell,

Thanks for your advice, I dont plan on letting them take my benefits away, I will fight them all the way, I'm just a bit forgetful and find it difficult to keep information in my head, do you know if there is an organisation that could help me with my appeal?

Thanks :)

Cab are very good they filled all my dla forms in and i got it x



if you have Welfare Rights organisation near to you they will help. The website Benefits and Work also have some free guides to help with appeals etc.

This info may help:

If you haven't got the Benefits & Work guides, email and our Admin Emma can send them out for you.

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