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Ive lost my job, what am i going to do?

morning everyone, thanks for all your advice, sorry I haven't been on here recently but I have been so ill.

Also I dont have a clue if I'm doing this whole thing right in these forums, so bear with me!! please.

last time I was here i mentioned my job, I had been threatened with dismissal due to my continuing absence... Well i had been signed off sick for 6 weeks after I got a really bad kidney infection, then out of nowhere I developed mouth ulcers that were so sore I couldnt even talk properly, and now this cold weather seems to get rich into my bones,it not only makes my body hurt more but I shiver uncontrollably, and my nose, lips feet and fingers turn blue.. I was finally diagnosed with CFS..its took almost 2years to get it, and I have an appt to see GP this evening and with the advice from the fatigue clinic have prescribed a management plan..Dont really know what this involves yet but hoping it helps.

I was due back at work at on the 1st of dec ..My employer called a meeting last week, i was too ill to attend and the outcome was..I was dismissed from my job, as they felt i was not able to carry out my duties due to my long term ill health.

At first I was angry, upset..although my attendance was pretty bad,when I was at work I done my job and I worked hard..All my colleagues were adamant I wouldn't and couldn't lose my job.One colleague but also a friend rang me yesterday asking when I was returning because everyone was missing me ( nice too hear) turns out no one knows ive been dismissed..which is really weird as when a member of staff leaves for whatever reason, a meeting is called and staff are informed, although obviously reasons are not given.

I am now quite relieved i was dismissed because i was having to explain all the time, i had my manager questioning me, asking abt my symptoms,watching me, checking my work and it was stressing me out to the point it was making my symptoms worse.

Dont know what to do now!! I have no money at all coming on my own with a teenage daughter to support, what do I do?

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Morning honey, I'm so sorry to hear this and you really have had a bad outcome and I fully understand how you must be feeling. I too lost my job through ill health and I knew as long as I played by the book and followed company procedure there was nothing they could do. I was lucky enough to get full sick pay for 6 months and knew I wasn't physically able to return to work. I was retired on the grounds of ill health and given 12 weeks pay plus all my holiday entitlement which was a blessing as that kept me going till I figured out what I needed to do as I knew I couldn't work and bills needed paying. My advice would be to make an appointment with the citizens advice and find out what benefits your entitled to. And I'm sure there are more people on this forum who will steer you in the right direction.. Hope you get sorted real soon.. Love and hugs

Spirit xx❤️xx


Hello, sorry to hear of your situation, May I suggest that you contact the Benefits Helpline on the mother website for this group.... The phone number is 0300 999 0055 and the line is open on Monday, Wed and Friday from 10 - 12 noon. If you have time you could speak to them this morning. Hopefully they can advise you on what benefits you can get and whether you are entitled to claim any payment for dismissal from your employer, let us know how you get on xxx


I think your Boss is trying it on flower- its illegal to sack anyone whilst on sick leave, get some advise and help to sue for this! We have a good benefit advisor on here called Janet who will help with emergency payments if you havn,t been paid in leui and holiday pay, also find yourself a Welfare Rights officer near by (on google)who will help you with many employments rights, welfare rights and un fair dismissmal. Its up to you I,m afraid to start the ball rolling but very good luck when you do as I and many others are sure you will come out on top.


Morning shortandsweet Im sorry you have been so unwell and unable to work. I dont know if you know this or not but an employer can not dismiss you for being ill but they can if you are not doing your job properly and that is probably why you were being watched over when you were there. I have copied this from the government website for you.

Before taking any action, your employer should:

look for ways to support you - eg considering whether the job itself is making you sick and needs changing

give you reasonable time to recover from your illness

If you have a disability (which may include long-term illness), your employer has a legal duty to support disability in the workplace.

Dismissal because of a disability may be unlawful discrimination.

So I would suggest that you either contact CAB as mentioned already and get some advise.

Also you can claim ESA but there is a procedure you have to go through over some weeks claiming JSA & it involves sending sick notes in to Jobcentre and then this will get you on the role to get what you are entitled to but you may well be entitled to payment from your job, it depends on how long you have been there & other things, so I would definitely get some professional advise and as also suggested contact the site own benefit adviser, she is very good.

Hope this helps my friend

Luv Jan x



It would be worth looking at your Contract of Employment to see if there is anything there which may help you. Also look on GOV.UK as there are procedures your employer has to follow which could mean you are being unfairly dismissed, even if you are ready to give up work.

The Citizens Advice are normally very good but they can be overwhelmed and you might have a bit of a wait. If your local Job Centre is handy, pop in and ask for advice about ESA and/or Jobseekers. If you are in a Union they may be able to help you too. Does your company have an HR department? If so you could ask them about what happens now. We have another fibro member who is going through much the same as you at the moment, you may have already read her posts here.

Don't be hasty and hand your notice in as that will have consequences about your benefits. Contact your local housing authority when you have a date to finish for help with rent and council tax.

Hope it all goes smoothly for you



Hi shortandsweet

I am so gneuinely sorry to read this. I personally think that getting an income is more important to retribution at this time. As phlebo123 says ring Janet the FMA UK benefit adviser and see what you can claim my friend. I have pasted her phone number again for you:

0300 999 0055

You may have a case against your ex-employer but it is difficult to say? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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