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Severe pelvic (ovary area) pain before urine and dioreaha

Omg i fed up of the loo!!

I am nearly in tears it wakes me early morning and must go wee then stops,

Then starts again and very watery dioreha ,Feel nauseus too i have to rush to loo.

I am due my ladies things and this has been hapoening for months!!

Its got to be either hormones ( as i am at the very lowest levels Dr said in past)

Or Endeometriosis ( tested many yrs ago as sex was painful too)

I get water infection every month too prior to period.Usually protein in it .

I went through a phase yrs ago where i suffered majorly bad with water infections tgat my Dr used to come to my wrk ( pharmacy) with px and he was always lovely

A firm but straight talking older man ( he retired now bless)

When my hernia op had gone wrong with nerves trapped 2 yr ago he was lovely on phone saying god forbid you have to go back to theatre!! And i did.

I could snap my fingers and he made sure i was ok!!

Sorry that he has left now, so its a variety of Dr's

Does anyone else suffer this badly :-( xxxxxx

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I used to have extrememly painful and heavy periods. Even when on the pill. Then when I came off I would bleed for a month or more. THey thought I had endometriosis too but it was just painful heavy periods. It would be painful to go to the toilet it was almost like sitting down in that position caused the pain by squishing things together. I got the marena coil inserted at the same time and now Ive almost completely stopped bleeding.

I went for ages to the doctors to get something done. Seeing male doctors who said it was not a problem (Id love to see them like this) or gave me pills which did nothing. I went to see a female doctor who got me up to the hospital for a check up.

Hope you get it sorted out. x


Hi, sounds like endometriosis, I recently had an op to remove a load of growths caused by this, they were on my bladder, bowel & ovaries.I believe they can grow anywhere, even on your brain :( I also have polysystic ovaries and that causes a lot of pain around ovulation. I too had the merena coil fitted in July, will take a few months to settle but definately have noticed a difference with my periods. They used to be so bad I was bedridden for two days and went through packs of sanitary towels. Hope you get sorted & feel better soon x


Hi ladies, not nice but makes me feel am not alone and insane!!

I also had a coil fitted a long time ago yrs ago and it had to be removed it waa like nipping me and painful sex my husband could feel something too (sorry too personal)

I was always not well and lethargic so it got taken out immediately.

Always suffered but feels like coming back with vengance i sweat with it and i feel drained.

5 am again and gone on until 9.30 am i actually made a cuppa and sat on the loo instead of having the break and my legs went numb i could not feel them all top half .

I had that feeling my bottom half going to drop out too, so standing felt like an issue?

The nurse checked but could not find what ever looking for when having a smear and i am tilted too lol omgoidness ya feel like a freak at times all these problems.

I want hystorectomy and am done with.

The Dr said i am more than likely having early menopause as my mum finished

Do any of you under stand the lowest levels?? Xxxxxxxx



i had loads of gyny issues like yours for 8 years, after the birth of my 2nd child. i was on the books of the gyny for most of these!

i did say id like a hysterectomy years ago, but quite rightly the gyny said they have to do everything to make 100% sure that my probs will only be sorted by a hysterectomy because it is a major op and it would be tragic if i went through the op and i still had pain.

although the journey is frustrating and long i finally had a hysterectomy in may this year. yes it was traumatic, painful and extremely debilitating, the internal bruising is still healing, but the reasons why i needed it have gone. i can now poo without feeling my innards are being ripped out of my body amongst other things!!

the road is long but you just have to stick with it!



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