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I came up stairs this morning promptly followed by my little doggy who is layong right next to me and i am now gonna move to the garden and sit with my kindle for a few hours as it is too nice to be in all day and mylittle doggy will follow me there and ill lay right by my feet on his little cushion bless him he does not lave me alone when i am at home he really is my little companion bless him love to you diddle xxxxxx

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Ah bless, my cat Merlin is the same goes everywhere with me. Mention P please Bob and he either shoots up the stair before me and sit's on the side of the bath or waits at the bottom until I've reached the top. The other 3 only come and keep me company when I'm really bad and can't get out of bed ;-)

Must say though in my darkest hours it's my beasties who keep me from giving in.

Love them all ;-) xx


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