Disappointment has hit me hard today

Have just been informed by the DWP that my state pension will be affected by me being on DLA - insofar that my N.I. contributions haven't been paid during this period...I was falsely informed, obviously, in the first place. The DWP are sending me a pension forecast, but it doesn't look good...sigh...yet another setback because of being labelled 'disabled' because of this illness..methinks I will go to bed for the remainder of the day...

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  • thats awful, i could get on a government rant but just too tired. Bed sounds like a cracking idea soft hugs

  • Oh Gawd Cathy another thing to worry about I didn`t know this.Thanks for bringing it to our attention.Might as well slit my wrists now then :-)

    I have been in my pit all day as conserving energy for a day out with my Sister and Nephew tomorrow.What a life Eh.

    Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx

  • thats not good...i think it must be a day for being in bed as i dint get up untill 1315 but have been wanting to go back to bed since about 630 this evening :( hope you get some good news soon gentle hugs x

  • soz for your bad news and informing us on this site, tc soma x

  • soma again soz it was meant to say thankyou for informing us fibro at it again lol...

  • Hi my state pension was affected by DLA and I only get a small amount due to the same thing no NI was paid....yet a friend of mine never worked a day in her life but had a husband on 50 grand a year, when he became ill she left him and they both went on benifits then they both got DLA top wack so gets a car too !! and now she gets full pension claiming off her ex husbands stamps.....makes me so angry...and they also both get thier rent paid and no rates and both get heating allowance....because they are on benifit. My husband did 26 years in the army ended up with PTSD and because his army pension is "sufficiet " we get no help with morgage or rates or anything else.....So WRONG in so many ways ....sorry rant over!!!!

  • Not sure I understand how DLA should be affecting pension contributions - but had me worried enough (since I am also now on DLA) to look for more info. As fas as I can see, if you are in receipt of ESA or JSA you are credited with your contributions so your pension should be unaffected. In any case, Pension Credit should kick in if there are insufficient contributions. I attach a link to the official website which I think gives the info. However, if I am not interpreting something properly here, I would certainly appreciate being pointed in the right direction so I can take appropriate action. Thanks.


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