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To sleep properly at night would be such a blessing

instead here I go again falling asleep while I am doing something. Here one minute gone the next. Keep snatching my head up (Hurts my neck) been reading everyones night time messages do like the idea of a night time angel to look after us I think mine could be ( pauses stares into space falls asleep again) always fancied Callum who remembers him? I loved Bond as well guess I am showing my age. Okay flights of fancy over guess it is time to get up hate lounging about in my pjs

Good day to every one take care enjoy the sun x gins

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morning gins

i am soooo with you unfortunatley it is our way of life now , i sometimes snatch a hour in an afternoon now if i can no longer fight it x, wish me look as i am of to a market and car boot with the family (ahhhhhh the mum-in-law) hahaha she is driving us al insane at the moment bless her xx have agood day and take care in what ever you do today xx


morning gins and teresa67 .im so with you there.we try and get a few hours in afternoon for a nap.we went to bed about 5 yesterday for cuddles and rest and fell asleep and woke up about 8ish and had a bad nite not due to late sleep but cat and terrible pain im having.

had a panic attack yesterday thinking is this what its always gonna be this severe fatigue and pain.and the goverment not believing having to hold down a job whilst fighting this.

so love car boots when can afford it ,i love it.and my fellas even worse.x


Hi gins, Teresa and sammy,

ohh think we all do that, went vistiting yesterday and came home and poured a glass of wine and i was nodding off and said to hubby, well think i must go for a nap or i won't last the night it was about 7ish.

Can have a good nights sleep and still be exhauseted ..where 's the days of feeling refreshed full of energy and wanting to be off doing something, instead its a chore lol.

hmm now i do not really have any fancies (not because am married) as i can look all i like lol.

Elvis in his young days was the best looking thing on planet to me! not as he got older though. I am 43!

I love variet of music and on fedde le grand i like him with all the nurses dancing around him

Let me think about it is the song. Think because of my kids i jsut into all this up to date music and i was ALWAYS dancing. I would of love to be choreographer (spelt wrong prob)

Hows you all today ..its lovely here in Leeds am sat outside at patio with cuppa and laptop.

although extremely stiff and uncomfortable from yesterday visiting a gran who needs some help and then i polished living room wiped kitchen down and here i am lol ouch oouch ouch .. xxxx love and kisses and soft huggles xxxx


hi gins, do you mean the suave Edward Woodward as Callan? He also had a beautiful singing voice that can send shivers down your spine. google him!

regards, sandra


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