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work and hospital

i have to go into hospital on 10th sept for a hystrectomy trying to organise home life and work life only to be told by work that has school starts back on 3rd sept it going to cause problems for all and could i perspone till later in the term. ( yes ronald 53 is female and not mad). seretary could not under stand why i got so upset. if pain from fibro is not bad enough in agony from other porblems and feel that this could help with all sorts is it me being selfish or them. being taken over too and not sure were i am with school or new providers. feel like im being a pain for being ill, even been surgested that i dont have my 2 weeks holiday starting monday, but worked hard last 4 week in play shceme and really looking forward to rest and relaxation. why are people so horrible i havent choosen to have this problem. hope every one is feel kind of ok sorry for the moan havent been here for a while.

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Some people are so insensitive. Stick to your guns about holidays and your operation and don't let some jumped up secretary try and bully you. I would seriously consider putting in an official complaint about her - you deserve better.

Good luck

Julie xx


Here here I concur people are insensitive- if you have a op appointment keep it - the school will manage - do not let them make you feel as if you are doing this to upset there plans. Your health is most important so good luck hun . Let us know how it goes x gins


I do feel for you,I had a hyterectomy at age 29, then it was a long slow recovery,I was naughty,back doing Hoovering ,cleaning etc after a few days,that was nearly 20 years ago,so I would imagine you are in and out and on the mend real. quick nowadays.

I really do feel for you I had 4 small children at the time,so all I can say is do what is right for you,not what is best for anyone else. I hope to be going into hospital same sort of date as you,to have new breasts as I have had my own removed in December.

Good luck,you will feel soooooooooo much better without your bits.



hi! Ron!

I had a hysterectomy at the end of may, and like you ihad loads of internal pains that are too graphic to describe. You must go ahead with the op. Your health is more important than anything else. Unless you are tip top (dont unclude FM here!) you cant function properly. The school will cope. If you g-d forgid had an unplanned accident and were off work, they would manage wouldnt they. would the school close!? Sounds like the sec just doesnt want to re arrange things - which is HER problem - not yours.

Just plan afterwards for your return to work, ie get a pull along trolley to carry your work in, because you mustnt overdo things. You will have days that you are knackered and others not.

I can say that i am now in no pain from my bits! i can go to the loo with out pain and jiggy jiggy, well im 43 and acting like a 20yr old!! hee hee.

Good luck!



ooohhhh westgate, you just made me laugh, thank you for that. x

you little rascal.!!!! ..go girl and enjoy to the max :-) remember it's good cardio vascular...well that's my excuse and i've got a few more miles on the clock than you lol

take care

Jan xx


Lol westgate. I've worked in several schools and they manage perfectly well when ppl are suddenly off. Pulling staff from other departments or bringing in temps. You could have to wait months for a new appointment that school moan about again. You are prob a bit worried about how you will feel and manage enough without work causing more stress, I know I would. Sod 'em, they can't and won't sack you for it and they will get over it. Do what is best for you. Take care love Jen xx


Hi Ron,

Well some people as just so insensative, but stuff them that's their problem, you're certainly not being selfish..they need to look after yourself and your health, you're not exactly have a hysterectomy for the fun of it!!

And why shouldn't you enjoy your holiday, look at it as building yourself up before surgery. Chill and relax

Please take time to recover, as long as you need, you're you're number one priority. i had a general anaesthetic in Nov for eye surgery and it did take me a long time to recover..but anaesthetics and i don't seem to go well togehter and it caused a fibro flare. Thanks for that then.!!!

good luck, a speedy recovery and keep us posted

Jan xx


Thank you all for your support its great to talk to people who understand and dont think im out for the sympathy vote. i am a little worried, but no its for the best and it will be one last pain to deel with through out the day. I am not going to be bullied by any one , but just felt the need for a moan and no i can come here for support. I have 4 lovely grown up children who are going to be there for me and their dad, who has arthitus really bad and also has good and bad days.

I am going to stay off until i feel 100% better and not rush for no body. i am hoping that this op will help with the back, hip and leg pains i have, i know they will not go away but i hope it helps. will keep in touch with you all has i am not good at sitting around and doing nothing, it will be great to have someone to chat to. once i feel a bit better i am going to do some knitting if i can for our new granson due in november and thats what i am looking forward to so that i can help with our granddaughter too. thanks to you all lol roanld 53


Hi Ronald,I just realise my post never took in to consideration that when I had my lady bits removed I didn't have fibromyalgia all those years ago,so I thought,I don't know how I will feel now if I had to have the same op.

It made me think this will be my 3rd op in 10 months so hope my body will be ok,I actually never even gave it a secound thought until I read some replies.

At least you have a grandchild to look forward to,bless, I look after my twin 3 year old grandaughters while my daughter works full time,I love it, they make my day,thwy keep me on my toes,little chickens.

I hope all goes well for you,keep tour chin up,don't let any one annoy/upset you,they don't live in your shoes.

All the best,take care,Sandy


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