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sweet dreams (hopefully)

Took my painkillers over 30 minutes ago and am still full of aches and pains - knees are filled with burning hot crushed glass, glands are swollen (okay that is a CFS symptom - but I'm going for the holistic approach tonight ;-) ) AND I feel like I've been kicked between the legs.

There is a little bit just above my right elbow which feels just fine and dandy - I'll focus on that I think ;-)

Sweet deams to you all xxx

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I hope you managed a little sleep of the right sort to ease all your paon. Have a good day xgins


The only good thing about fibro is that it moves on to something else eventually...

Feeling your pain with you...

Gentle hugs Ren


Thanks Gins and Ren Robin, dozed off eventually and slept well thank you xx


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