Hello everyone, since I've been on my medication I'm having some lovely dreams , it's as though I'm back to myself no health issues I'm with people I've lost. So strange to even. Write it I prefer to be in my dream state. It's a much more happier place to be and pain free!!. Just to add my sausage fingers are full of shooting pains today , every day nearly there seems to be a different pain in a different part of my body. Was going to shop but decided to give it another miss. So watching my David Attenborough wildlife he is such a goof narrated. Wishing a good day to all xx

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  • Swap you for my nightmares ha ha 🐸

  • Oh bless you, you could have some of my happy dreams if I had the power to give. Hugs xx

  • Good day!!!

  • That is so weird but in a wonderful way? I gneuinely hope that these dreams give you so much enjoyment and that they continue for you. I am a massive David Attenborough fan, and love watching his wildlife programmes.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Hi Author, yes I know it's weird but I just had to share it. I think I've watched every life of plants, every animal David Attenborough has ever done. Like you I think he is great, hoping you have a wonderful day good wishes xx

  • It sounds like the medication is working. Pleasant dreams!

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