Hi All, Hope you are all well. I need sleep or at least to be able to go to sleep when i go to bed instead of reading (as im not tired) or lying there for ages until i drop off!!!!!! I might try and go to bed early tonight as my eyes are being held up by matchsticks!!!!!!! lol My ibs is reallyplaying up too today. At least ive got tomorrow and wed off work so i can try and rest a bit.

Take Care

Jo xx

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  • Hiya,jojo.

    My fella and i are same with i.b.s too constantly bloated.

    And tiredness bad had a shower to wake myself up ready for big brother final.

    You rest next two days okay.

    Meditation helps too.x

  • Take it easy for the couple of days Jojo, take advantage of your time off work! :)

  • Hi Jo don't know if you already do this, but I go to bed and put a meditation CD on sounds of africa at the mo, then I try really hard to go into the sounds, if I realise I've wander off I come back to it, it either ends with me a sleep, or my body relaxing for a while xx

  • Hi, Thankyou for replying to me. I am going to take it easy. Think i might go for a little sleep just had to go out and get a new pair of trousers for work as i am fed up trying to squeeze myself into the ones that i have!!!!!!! I have put so much weight on in the last couple of months its just not funny anymore!!!! I even got asked if i was having a baby and my reply was no just fat!!!!! I know i have put weight on and suffer bouts of bloatedness from my ibs but i didnt think i looked pregnant feel even more depressed!!

    Got a pile of ironing to do and dusting to do but i just cant be bothered doing anything.

    Take Care

    Jo xx

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