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hi folks,just thought i would update my situation..i have found out today that the lady from the jobcentre who filled my dla forn in,is in fact a decision maker for dla tribunals!!! she is furious that i was "warned" to seek legal advise..soo i rang the courts in liverpool and asked for a writen statement explaining exactly why i was told to seek legal help,and why i wasnt told it was A,B or C that needed looking at,plus i told the courts i am writing a complaint about their hostile behaviour towards me,and that in my written complaint will ask for it to be looked at again with a completely different set of tribunal decision makers...well i think that will stir things up! watch this space..xxx

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  • Go girl, thats what I say. You have obviously been treated badly and they should have their backsides kicked. Hope you get a fairer tribunal.

  • hi hun,i go to see welfare rights man tomorrow to see what his two pennoworth is,i am not being fobbed off....again ..what has been your experience? x

  • I have good news and bad news= I have been granted Low Care component, but NOTHING for Mobility. My son (carer) and I were pricing wheelchairs last week!) I already have to use one in the Supermarket, still, every little helps! On to the Tribunal!

  • hi,yes it does help,but we are being fobbed off! keep fighting for your rights,you will get there in the end...take care xx

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