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Hi All, A friend that i havent seen for a while text me last night to see if i wanted to go to hers for a bbq, i text back and said yes i would love to go but i am really regreting it now!!!!!! I am sitting here writting this and my eye lids are closing together!!!!! I really cant be bothered now going but i dont want to let my friend down. I have also just finished my second week back at work and i am so sore and exhausted. I am upping my hours next week but still only working 3 days. Still cant sleep at night and not getting any help from docs with my sleep etc. Im going to go and see if i can get some sleep - just so tired!!!!!

Hope your all ok.

Take Care

Jo xx

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Go to the bbq - a change of scenery and company might just lift you up.

I suffer from sleepness nights too from time to time (at the moment I sleep for hours day and night - it varies). during my insomnia phases I use relaxation apps on my iphone, they sometimes lull me off to sleep but even when they don't I am so deeply relaxed that it is very nearly as good. I can't do the horlicks or warm milk thing as it makes me way too hot - but it works for some.

You are so brave going back to work - I've been retired for 4 years and still dream of work almost every day - I was a school teacher - guess it really is a vocation afterall lol.

Take care

Julie xx


Hi Julie, Thank you for your reply. Im not brave going back to work i didnt really have a choice but thats another story and im taking the positive from it and enjoying seeing people throiugh the day.

Take care



Aw you go when you feel like that you normally end up having a fantastic nighht it will do you good once you get there you will be fine and have a real laugh you will be so busy chatting you will jus for a littlwe while forget all abiout your fibro and prob feel a bit normal so you go for it come on now get your glad rags on and grab a bottle of whatever it is you drink if you do i dont as too many meds lol but anyway i expect a report back here tommorrow saying had fantastic nightlol love diddle xxxx


Hi diddle, I did go to the BBQ last night and it was lovely. It was really nice catching up with everyone and i wasnt home that late. I was driving so just had a coke and a coffee later on. I havent been drinking that much anyway because of all the meds but i do have one or two now and again!!!!

Take care

jo x


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