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Another Blog blog as my shower is broke!! Been off a few days

Well if i could post pic from here i would obnly not possible from phone for some reason.

Its allll in pieces.

Last year i had bath taken out and shower put in as i felt was struggling plus was falling about a bit.. That dint matter cos i still fall out of shower haha .. Not good butt naked though lol.

In the plug it has another to stop hairs etc caps going down.

But took out to clean plus water was slow, well now its blocked as a lid has got stuck in there along with when my 11yr olds gold fish died so she cleaned tank in shower and gravel too in there ... Ayyyy by gum the joys!!!

So now if want a pweeeee door open top of stairs on full view..

Keeps hubby busy anyway haha bless xxx

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Your family sound as daft as mine! xx


Ohh definately daft ! Ups and down and round abouts.

Bedroom had to wait to be decorated now, tomoro i think now .. Xx


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