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Hospital apps

Why does every new test I have have to be at the hospital 18 miles away not the one 5 mins away by taxi. On Tuesday I have to go for breast exam ... Something else to add to my list hoping its nothing. That means 2 buses or a taxi to the free hospital bus then then the hour long drive there then an appt ... Usually half an hour late for 15 min test then hope I haven't missed the connecting free bus back. Last time I went it took a round trip of 7 hours for a 15 min appt and a prescription for a med that should never be mixed with what i take. Just mentioned them to my dr the next day at routine appt and he said stop taking them immediately . Doesnt exactly fill you with confidence.Got back so late the buses to my house had stopped running so had to get a taxi. What Part of I am Ill and a 7 hour trip isn't going to help do the medical profession not understand.?

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Cant you ring them and ask if you could go to nearest hosp

And explain why? Too much on your health.


If your on certain benefits you can claim money back or even ask them if they provide transport (some hosp have an ambbulance taxi service run by volenteers) worth asking at the hosp. Good luck x


Unfortunately no the nearest hospital only does minor accidents the pain clinic where I get my trigger point injections and day surgeries any consultants you have to see wont come here ... Too small too far out .... suppose I should be glad the other option is a hospital 40 miles away.... Just my luck to have things that need looking at that involve having to go to a bigger hospital ..... I wonder what it is like to be healthy... ..??????


If I could drive or get to the train station and then walk a mile I could claim but... If I have to get a taxi to the free bus which I do have to ... Yes you have guessed it they don't refund taxi fares.... If I didn't have a family I just wouldn't go and if I have something wrong with my breast then let it happen but as I do have a family I,ll go and expect the usual 5to 7 hour round trip.


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