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It has been absolutely lovely here the last 3 days well it has been what people call summer !!!!!! but it is nice to be able to put on just a few clothes especially on a hurting day when you dont want many things touching your skin

i love it when it is warm as it seems to make your mind think that you are better than you are so thats not a bad thing

it would be nice if it lasted BUt i think we have only got it here until sunday then we are going back to torrential rain for mon/tue GREAT!!!!!!

oh well lets all enjoy it while it is here i will sit in garden with kindle later or on my bed with the sun streaming through the window

i hope you all have a lovely day love diddle xxxx

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hi diddle,

I think i will go in the garden too! I'll put some music on and love it up in the garden!

from kerry x


Hi Diddle,I enjoyed some time in the garden today, in spite of pain all over. I have to take my mum for radiotherapy 3 times a week She is so precious and i am lucky to have my mum as I am 60 and she is 84, we have such fun together with her wicked sense of humour,she gives me so much encouragement and she is fighting cancer! God bless her ,nite nite everyone xxx


Hi Diddle, I sat with my Kindle in the garden this afternoon as I am hooked on a book at the moment. It was so relaxing. My sons were out, hubby was snoring inside. Pure bliss! Even the dogs were asleep in the shade of the garden. A couple of glorious hours, me time! It doesn't happen that often in my house, but when it does, it's pure heaven. :)


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