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hi guys/all

im in a lot of pain in my hips and have been for weeks really the stiffness seems to last forever and the pain is agony i appear to be limping/dragging my legs alot and to top it off i woke up this morning at 3am wiv a swollen face maybe due to an infection in my eye iv had it with pain it really is getting on top of me at the mo

sorry for the moaning as i know that you all feel the same

gentle hugs


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you are ok yes we all feel same but it is nice to get it out and write it down so dont apologise we all have our moan on here so you go for it .

i hope that youare feeling a little better soon if you get infection in eye sorted hopefully that will help love diddle xxxx


My goodness you are having a rough time at mo. Do not worry have a moan it helps and I know how awful lower back and hip pain is. Really brings us down. Your eye sounds horrid do take take they are so precious. x gins


Moan trigger, get it out lv its what we all need at times, thats why this sight is a blessing, we all know how each other feels. A suggestion that you have probably done many times, i get alot of pain in my hip so I tend to sit with my leg up and my hip resting on a hot water bottle. I also buy those sick on heat patches as the heat last roughly six hours and you can still walk or hobble round hun. big hug and smile hope your day gets better Ingrid xx


Hi trigger hope your feeling a bit better soon, I too have really bad painful hips so I can appreciate what your going through. My face swells up too, but they've told me that I now have arthritis in my jaw. It can be quite funny, and painful, when I go in for a snog with my partner and my jaw clicks!!!

gente hugs

sharon xx


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