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So Sore

Hi All, Hope you are all feeling ok and well today. Im having a bad day, ive got such a pain in my lower back and left hip. I had to go out and get some shopping in for tea and i could hardly walk around the super market. Why wont anyone listen to me when i tell them what pain i am in. Im at work tomorrow but only in the morning as being phased back in but i could see it far enough.

Take Care

Jo xx

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hi jo, soz your having a bad day, me too. c soma x


Hi Jo, I to am having a very sore day. I just came home from work and cryed like a baby feeling sorry for myself, Take care Margaret x


Hi guys i too am in alot pain with my lower back and legs.can hardly move.take care rest lots.feel for you.


It seems to be lower back ,hips and leg week.Mine were awful at the weekend and still pretty painful today.Feeling low,in pain and hearing completely the wrong piece of music this am started me off at work and I had to come home,I've just been lying on the bed trying to ease things,Dr changed my meds a couple of weeks ago and now nothing seems to be working.


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